10 Facts About Kevin Jonas Life

Kevin Jonas, 33, has achieved extraordinary success in his music career. Her pop boy band. Jonas Brothers.The younger siblings, Joe and Nick, have achieved worldwide fame and massive success – releasing four albums and selling over 20 million records. He began his career with the Disney Channel, and joined the classic Disney to Pop pipeline to move on to greater success. But when the band temporarily broke up in 2013, Kevin began looking for other career options – and made one. Very Surprisingly, it worked. Contractor. No, the Jonas Brothers weren’t out to save bricks or run cranes, but now they own a construction company called Jonas Werner Homes.

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Here are 10 interesting facts about Kevin’s career as a contractor.

We found out in an episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey

An episode of 2014. New Jersey housewives. Saw an amazing cameo appearance. Viewers were shocked when it was revealed that Kevin Housewife would lead the construction of Kathy Lawyer’s new home. “You don’t sing or anything?” Kathy’s sister Rosie asked Kevin, to which he replied, “It was my day job. Now I’m doing it.”

“Who’s designing the landscape? NSYNC? Let’s take a lance bass on it —!” She laughed. Well, this is a great way for the company to get some extra advertising.

It was all part of Kevin’s ‘next stage’ in life.

While on the show, the lawyer explained that the deal was the “next step” in Jonas’ life. He was ready to move on from his music career, and the contract was always something he was interested in. Flexibility in its schedule.

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Kevin has impressed customers with his industry knowledge.

In an interview with Bravo, housewife Kathy Vakili explained her reasoning for choosing Kevin’s firm to work at her home: “Amir and I met Kevin Jonas and his partner Bill Werner through our mutual friend and realtor.. He had some great architectural qualities that we were drawn to, especially the fact that he was practical in his architectural style and goals. And Kevin has extensive knowledge of home automation and electronic features. ”

He has been working on a contract basis for years.

The contract is far from new to Jonas, who has been interested in the industry for years. Since at least 2014, Jonas has been managing his firm, and long before that he was managing his home plans and gaining contracting experience.

He has extensive experience in customizing his homes.

The eldest brother, Jonas, has lived in four homes with his wife and two daughters over the years. His current home is a large one on the New Jersey suburb of Essex County. Wife Daniel certainly landed on her feet much easier than a boy around the house! They have made the place the perfect home for 7-year-old daughters Elena and 4-year-old Valentina.

The firm is working on big projects.

According to Terry O’Connor Realtors., Kevin’s firm is performing extremely well, attracting big customers and even big projects. “They’ve just recently completed their latest project, a truly spectacular 15,000-square-foot home in Morris County, NJ. The next stop in this dynamic and winning partnership is Bergen County, where they met a famous couple. Has launched a project in Franklin Lakes. ”

The business is really focused on the luxury market.

The realtor described the firm, Jonas Werner Fine Customs Homes, LLC, as “a luxury home construction company for the most discerning customers.” The industry is born with respect. ”

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Kevin has also explored other business ventures.

Kevin is also the CEO of The Blue Market. The company operates as a communications / social media firm, and in 2015 launched a food app called Yud.

He has also collaborated with his wife Daniel in some projects. Together with Company Draft, they launched the amazing Baby Day app, which helps couples capture family moments during pregnancy and into the first year of their baby’s life. As part of the deal, Daniel Live tweeted about the birth of his first daughter, Elena. The pair are also working on releasing their first picture book, I have a rock concert in my bedroom. Through Penguin Random House in March next year (and it looks absolutely cute).

The contracting business has greatly increased Jonas’ net worth.

Jonas is valued at 40 million., And his work in construction has greatly increased his bank balance in recent years, among other external projects.

Her Instagram is full of construction photos.

Kevin has been filling our Instagram feeds with updates on his various building projects, and they look impressive to say the least. He clearly enjoys watching the building process at work, and likes to document the progress of each home online.

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Twenty things are coming to light after the marriage of Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner.

Even those of us who are extremely cold-hearted can admire a talented, warm young couple who look completely impressed with each other.

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