10 filmmakers who started their career working on ‘The Simpsons’

It feels like that. The Simpsons. Forever, as he arrives for his 33rd season this month and is already planning his 34th season next year. Sounds like Adult cartoon show It’s never going to end and a lot of people probably don’t want that to happen, especially moviegoers. Since it’s been so long and it’s a really popular show, The Simpsons. It has started the careers of some famous filmmakers of the last few decades.

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Many of these filmmakers started out as animators and then ended up directing some shows. Episodes Before going to other cartoon shows or feature movies. The Simpsons. It’s definitely been a blessing for filmmakers, and that’s why so many of them made it to Hollywood. Here are 10 filmmakers who started working on their careers. The Simpsons..

David Silverman

David Silverman Is an animator and director who was instrumental in his creation. The Simpsons.. He was one of the original animators and The animators set a number of guidelines for animating the characters in the show. He has directed about 24 episodes and his distinctive style made the show look like today. He is still working. The Simpsons. Now and in 2007 he directed a film based on the show. He also co-directed. Monster Inc.: The Name of a Movie. With the direction of some short films that are now on Disney +.

Weiss Archer

Wes Archer is an animator, storyboard artist, and director who was one of the other original animators. The Simpsons.. He directed about 26 episodes before moving on to other TV shows, including other adult cartoon shows. He has directed adult cartoon shows, e.g. King of the hill, Good family, And Bob’s Burger. He is now the caretaker director. Rick and Morty..

Jeffrey Lynch.

Jeffrey Lynch is an animator, graphic artist and director who worked in seasons 3 through 7. The Simpsons.. After directing about 12 episodes of the animated TV series, he moved on to live episodes for another adult cartoon show. فوٹوراما۔. He also acted in feature films. He was an assistant director. Spider man 1, 2, and 3, with the head of the story department. Iron giant.

Steven Dan Moore.

Steven Dan Moore is an animator and director who worked in a couple’s studio before pursuing his career. The Simpsons.. He has directed about 65 episodes of the cartoon series so far. The last episode he directed was released last November, but he is still working on the show and will be directing more episodes soon. He has also worked on several episodes. رگراٹس.

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Alan Smart.

Alan Smart is an animator and director who worked. The Simpsons., But only one episode directed for season 3 called “Fleming Bananas”. Although he was the assistant director of 14 other episodes and he helped with some animation. He has also acted in many popular animated films and TV shows. Oliver & Co., ننھی جلپری, Sponge Bob Square Pants movie., Sponge Bob Movie: Spongebob Out of the Water, رگراٹس, Hey Arnold!, Recess, Cat dog, Sanjay and Craig., Loudspeaker, And the new cartoon series, Patrick Star Show.. He also works. Sponge Bob Square Paints. And I’ve been working on it since the first installment.

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Susie Dieter.

Susie Dieter is a storyboard artist, animator and director who has directed approximately 11 episodes. The Simpsons.. She was the first female director to direct an episode. The Simpsons. And there was another female director who directed other cartoon shows. فوٹوراما۔, Baby blues, And Critics.. It has worked too. Recess, لونی دھنیں۔, And animated film, Open season.

Dominic Paulsino

Dominic Paulsino is an animator, storyboard artist, and director who directed about seven episodes. The Simpsons. For seasons 7 to 10, since then, he has directed episodes for other adult cartoon shows, e.g. King of the hill, Family man, And Rick and Morty.. Now his brother Michael Paulsino is the director. The Simpsons. And has already directed 38 episodes, including one that aired in May this year.

Jim Reardon

Jim Reardon is an animator, storyboard artist, writer and director who has directed approximately 35 episodes. The Simpsons.. He got his big break directing episodes after work. Mighty Mouse: New Adventures. And Tiny Tone Adventures. He worked as a writer. The Simpsons. He started his career in the 90’s, early 2000’s and then in feature film. He helped write and produce famous films, Wall-E, Debris at Ralph., زوٹوپیا۔, And Ralph broke the Internet..

Brad Bird

Brad Bird Is an animator, writer, producer, and director who has directed award-winning films, e.g. Iron giant, راتاتولی, And Unbelievable belief. He directed only two episodes. The Simpsons. In the early ’90s, however, he helped start his career as a director. He was previously an animator at Disney, but did not direct a feature film until 1999 The Simpsons.. He took a break from animation and directed live action films. Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol. And Tumor Land.. But back to the animation for direction. Incredible 2..

Rich Moore

Rich Moore is a writer, producer, sound actor and director who has directed approximately 17 episodes. The Simpsons. In the early 90’s. He also directed cartoon shows, Critics. And فوٹوراما۔. After establishing his career in directing TV shows, he moved on to feature films and directed Disney films, e.g. Debris at Ralph., زوٹوپیا۔, And Ralph broke the Internet. (The same films that were written by his Simpsons co-star, Jim Reardon). In 2019, he left Disney and is now working at Sony Pictures Animation.

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