10 Forgotten Characters Fans Really Want to See in Season 19

Grey’s Anatomy has just been renewed for a 19th season. While fans don’t all agree on a sequel to TV’s longest-running medical drama, they’re still curious about what happens next. After all, apart from Ellen Pompeo’s “bad acting”, there were a few more storylines left in the series. But fans are starting to miss the old cast, and they don’t mean major characters like Callie Torres or Arizona Robbins. With the return of Nick Marsh in Season 18, they thought a lot about the other secondary characters and where they are now. Here are the ones they would like to have a cameo in season 19.

10 Nicole German

If they’re planning on bringing back Jessica Capshaw as Arizona, bringing Nicole from Season 11 with them would be a good episode or two. They might have a new business together. Maybe none of them will be a patient this time. Nicole, played by Geena Davis, also visited the series in season 14. Recently graduated from the Institute for the Blind, she went to see how things were going in Arizona. There she realized that even if she could no longer work like her former protégé, she could still teach. It would be great to see how she trains new doctors at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. She might even inspire Jo Wilson to try her hand at pediatric surgery now that she’s closer to that specialty as an OB/GYN resident.


9 Sydney Heron

Where did this solar ball go? The last time she was on the show was in season 4. She had a terrible date with Derek. Then, much to the heartthrob neurosurgeon’s relief, she told him that she saw no future for them because she was too much of a woman for him. Seriously, how could they let this rare McDreamy foe get away? There is no clear reason for actress Kali Rocha’s departure. According to fans, this is why Sydney’s cameo wouldn’t have been that difficult to write. They also want to know what she has chosen to specialize in all these years. Any ideas?

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eight Leah Murphy

It might have been hard to love Leah when she was caught between Arizona and Callie, but admit it, we’re all wondering how she’s feeling these days. After being fired in season 10 for poor performance, she managed to return to work in season 13 and worked with cardiothoracic surgeon Maggie Pierce. But she suddenly disappeared shortly after her return. Fans initially thought that her return was an important story arc. The continuation of her story would be a good gift for season 19.

7 Stephanie Edwards

Stephanie was one of the main characters in the show. Unlike her classmate Leah, this fierce surgical intern had the opportunity to say goodbye to Gray-Sloan properly. While rescuing a stranded child during a hospital fire, Stephanie felt traumatized by the events that required her to get some rest. She decided to stay away from hospitals for a while and said she wanted to get some treatment. Eat Pray Love break for a while. She was also airlifted to Texas to continue her recovery from her burn. It would be nice to know how things turned out for her – did she continue her medical career or did she find something else along the way?

6 Will Thorpe

Will was the first guy Meredith Gray had slept with since Derek’s death. They met in Season 12 when a Grey-Sloan medical team was asked to perform a critical operation outside the hospital. Meredith didn’t know at the time that Will was flirting with her. But after he ignored his post-op phone calls, he went to Grey-Sloan’s to formally ask her out. One thing led to another, and on their third date, Mer invited him to her room. The next morning she had a tantrum. She started yelling at him, begging him to leave. She later explained that she wasn’t ready, so he agreed to give her a seat. But he said that he would return, because she was worth waiting for … Well, where is he now?

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5 Nurse Tyler Christian

Nurse Tyler is such an underrated character. He was there from the first first interns until season 10. He was there, causing pressure and giving them trouble without keeping their secrets. It’s hard not to miss this drama instigator. Ever since Tyler’s nurse Olivia Harper returned in season 14 to remind everyone of that infamous syphilis outbreak, everyone has been hoping he’ll visit him too. We’re pretty sure he cooked some fried meals for Mer, the last remaining member of the MAGIC team.

4 Sloane Riley

It’s a shame we didn’t get to see Sloane after her father Mark Sloane died in Season 8. We don’t even know if she gave her child up for adoption or not. Then she was 18 years old, and her father supported any decision. Fans are looking forward to seeing what her choice was and how it worked out in season 19. Seriously, it would be nice to see how life turned out for her, or at least to know how she felt after the tragic death of her father.

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3 Nathan Riggs

Here is another one of Meredith’s love interests after Derek. However, Riggs is much more difficult than Will. Mer’s half-sister Maggie also wanted him. Then there’s his past with Owen Hunt’s sister Megan. He was last seen in season 14 after moving to Malibu with Meghan and her adopted son Farouk. But in early 2021, it was said that he and Meghan broke up during the pandemic because they were no longer happy. He then left after re-signing with his NGO. Now that Meghan is worried about Farouk’s heart transplant, it would be nice to have Riggs by her side again, even as a friend. But we admit that we ship her and Cormac Hayes, another former lover of Mer.

2 Finn Dandridge

As for Meredith’s love interest before and during her relationship with Derek, how about a cameo as the lovable vet Finn? The show’s host had a hard time choosing between him and McDreamy in seasons 2 and 3. For reference, he was the best choice at the time – he was completely alone, just as sweet and simple, unlike Derek. Fans have been interested in him ever since Mer chose Derek. But it would be difficult to get him back on the show, especially with Nick in the picture. Although it might work with him as a patient.

one Joe

How could we forget about Joe? Unfortunately, we last saw him and his Emerald City Bar in Season 7. According to the actor who played him, Stephen W. Bailey, he was cut from the show because they didn’t think he would be useful on the show. story line. “They didn’t find enough value in my character to continue,” he said. “It was friendly.” At least he left on good terms. However, Joe could easily be brought back into the series, even just for a catch-up episode. He was so close to doctors. No wonder fans are eager to see him again.

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