10 of the most expensive movies ever (and how much they grossed at the box office)

Sometimes a film’s budget is a good indication of how well a film will do at the box office. Most of the time, high budget movies are more successful than low budget movies. However, there have been many times where the opposite has happened. More expensive movies are tanks while cheaper movies make millions.

Related: Top 10 Movie Musical, Box Office SuccessLooking at the budgets of some movies, it’s crazy to see how expensive some of them are, and it’s even cooler to see what is made at the box office and how much it compares to the budget. Every year the most expensive movie ever made breaks down, and it’s interesting to see which one.

Transformers: The Last Night

Transformers-Last Night-1.

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Transformers: The Last Night Transformers is one of the last films in the franchise. The movie is over. $ 217 million. To make, which is a crazy amount for any movie. Five days after its big start, it just made up for it. .1 69.1 million., Which is no more than its budget and the release of the previous film. Transformers: Revenge of the Fall. Earned .1 200.1 million, a significant difference. In terms of numbers, comparing budget and revenue, it was definitely a flop.

‘John Carter’

John Carter

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John Carter. One of the worst budgets compared to box office losses. Disney suffered a huge loss with this film because the director took what he had already filmed and completely eliminated it to start from scratch. Because of this, the film ran out of budget. $ 300 million.. After the tax break, the film’s final budget came. $ 263.7 million..

Related: 10 Most Expensive Box Office Flops, All Time RatingThe film bombarded the box office, overall. $ 284.1 million. It doesn’t take much math to understand at the box office around the world that they barely made a profit from the film, it is not only one of the most expensive films ever, but also one of the biggest box office bombs. Is.

‘The King’ (2019)

Lion king

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2019 live action version of Lion king It was one of the most expensive movies ever made. The budget of the film was almost. $ 260 million.. As compared to the live action remake. The Jungle Book. The cost is 175 million Dumbo The cost is $ 170 million, and. Alaa Its value of 18 183 million is clearly not higher than that. Lion king. When it comes to box office, the film grossed Rs. $ 543.6 million. in the United States.

‘Pirates of the Caribbean: on alien waves’

Pirates of the Caribbean on the Stanger waves

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Over the years Pirates of the Caribbean The franchise has made millions of dollars from all the movies it has made. In 2011, it was reported that the film had a huge budget. 10 410.6 million., Made it one of the most expensive movies in history. Thankfully, despite the insane budget, he managed to get his money back and, as it were, the total amount around the world. $ 1 billion. When you have a movie star like Johnny Depp in your movie, you should not be afraid to leave some big money.

‘Beauty and the Beast’ (2017)

Beautiful girl and beast

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It is now clear that Disney is not afraid to make big money when it comes to making movies. Recently, he has been making many remakes of his old animated films in live action movies. In 2017, they created a live action version of an old favorite, Beautiful girl and beast. Disney released the numbers, and for this version, it took them. $ 300 million. Filmmaking and marketing. The film grossed in its first week. $ 490.6 million. Domestic alone.



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Titanic Is a classic film that will be talked about for years and years to come. It is one of the films that has a lasting effect on everyone and a film that you will watch again and again. Despite being shot in the late 90’s, the film ran out of budget. 200 million..

Related: 10 box office flops that became a cult classic.At the time, it was the most expensive movie ever, but now we know it’s not. The film broke all records at the box office, and its re-release has wiped out gross. 2 billion.

‘The Dark Knight Rises’

The Dark Knight rises.

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With a budget of $ 185 million., The Dark Knight rises. Really did well at the box office. The budget of this film was much higher than that. Batman starts And it definitely showed up at the box office. The film grossed 53 535 million locally and more than 9 469 million internationally. $ 1 billion In total, that number is about three times that. Batman starts In that case, a big budget really paid off.

‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’

Ultron's revenge age

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Avengers: Age of Ultron Taken $ 250 million. To create. Thankfully, anything with Avengers features seems to succeed instantly. People love their superheroes and they will always be ready to watch another movie. At the box office, the Avengers managed to make the installation overall. $ 459 million With this income domestically, there is no reason why an Avengers film would perform poorly. If there’s one thing we know, people love action and adventure movies, and that’s what Avengers is all about. We expect them to continue earning millions.



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We will always remember the movie. Avatar Being the highest grossing film in the world. Movie price only $ 237 million. To make, but literally make billions. in fact, Titanic It was the highest grossing film in the world, but it broke that record. It became the highest grossing film in the world. 29 2.29 billion.. However, another film eventually came along and lost. Avatar, which was Avengers: The End Game. Back in 2019

‘Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker’

The rise of Star Wars Skywalker

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Last movie Star Wars The franchise was no other. Star Wars: The Rise of the Skywalker. The movie budget was exhausted. $ 275 million. Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation. Star Wars the film. Unfortunately, in the case of this film, a big budget didn’t pay off that much. The film grossed 15 515.2 million locally. Compared to other films, though, it was significantly lower. The last serious. While earning 20 620.1 million. Forex wakes up. Made $ 936.6 million., Defeated both films.

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