10 reasons fans blame Ellen Pompeo for her bad acting

Grey’s Anatomy, the longest running medical TV drama, has just been renewed for a 19th season, and fans are divided over it. Some are eagerly awaiting the show’s sequel, while others think 17 is enough. Fans also can’t help but discuss Ellen Pompeo’s role on the show. She is one of the few original cast remaining. But after countless near-death experiences with Meredith Gray, fans are now wondering if she’s already at her peak or if the show is better off without her at this point. Viewers have also noticed Pompeo’s “bad acting” for some time now. Here’s what fans actually think of her “tough” acting.

10 Ellen Pompeo’s acting seems “tough and unnatural” in Grey’s Anatomy season 18

Going through Grey’s AnatomyOn the official subreddit, we’ve learned that fans have had serious problems with Pompeo’s performance in recent seasons. “She seems so tough and unnatural compared to previous seasons,” a fan wrote. “Things got so bad that I seriously could not finish the 18th season, despite the fact that it was huge [Grey’s Anatomy] fan. How can such a good actor become so bad? ” Other fans agreed with one commentator, who said they noticed changes in her performance around seasons 14 and 15, but in season 18 “it plummeted.”


9 Ellen Pompeo’s poor performance in Grey’s Anatomy involves the writers

Some fans don’t want to blame Pompeo herself for the poor performance. “Ultimately, it goes to the writers,” wrote a Redditor user. They agree that “the storyline went right,” but unfortunately the actress cannot tell how things are going. But then again, others say she could use her power as the show’s executive producer. Another fan said that Pompeo could “use her executive producing skills to demand better storylines so that when the show ends they aren’t tied to the show’s worst years.”

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eight Ellen Pompeo has “no chemistry” with the love interest of new Grey’s Anatomy by Scott Speedman

Scott Speedman first appeared on Grey’s Anatomy in season 14. His character Nick Marsh returned in season 18 as Meredith’s official new love interest. It’s a sweet story, but fans think Pompeo’s acting gets in the way of loving this couple. “I feel like it’s because she lost a lot of people that she had on-screen chemistry with,” a fan said of Pompeo’s deteriorating performance. “In her last moments with Jesse [Williams] on the screen, you could tell that these two friends were saying goodbye. They can try to impose on us Scott Speedman as much as they want, but there is no chemistry here. “

7 Ellen Pompeo “Only Has Two Acting Tricks” in Grey’s Anatomy

According to fans, Pompeo is such an “overrated actor” who only has two acting tricks up his sleeve – “cry at the signal” and “that painful, ostensibly seductive and mysterious smile she makes.” in every scene without crying. ” Here is such a harsh criticism. Another fan even said that she was lucky, “She’s surrounded by great actors who keep the show afloat.”

6 Ellen Pompeo’s cry in Grey’s Anatomy seems “strained and fake”

For some viewers, the crying trick doesn’t work either. “I never liked her game,” wrote a Reddit user. “In earlier seasons, when she cried, it was like nails on a chalkboard. That little nag / scream she made was too much. It seemed really strained and fake. ” Apparently, other fans have had problems playing Pompeo since the early seasons. For the record, another fan claimed that this was one of her first major gigs.

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5 Ellen Pompeo Will Stay Only To Make Money With Grey’s Anatomy

One day, Pompeo talked about his stay in Grey’s Anatomy for financial stability. “I made a decision to make money,” she said on the Spotify podcast. Jemele Hill is not worried… Fans think this might be the reason she puts less effort into her acting. However, the actress also admitted that she wanted the show to end for years. But according to fans, “If she wanted to end the show, she would end the show. She doesn’t want the show to end, she needs money. ” It’s a shame that the audience thinks this affects her performance.

4 Grey’s Anatomy Actors Say Ellen Pompeo Doesn’t Look Like Meredith Gray IRL

Some fans are still trying to protect Pompeo. “I watched the video in which the actors were asked who most resembled their character, and Ellen said yes,” wrote a fan. “They were then asked who the least resembled their character, and almost everyone else said that Ellen looked the same. It’s just funny and says something about her. ” But for one skeptic, “This is why it is so clearly reflected in the quality of the show.” To be honest, the “she doesn’t look like her character” argument just underscores her “bad acting”.

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3 Meredith Gray has already reached her peak

As we said, the show has almost killed Meredith many times over the past 17 years. The girl just went through a lot. “I honestly don’t blame her for her lack of inspiration,” a Reddit user wrote. “Meredith has tested depression, romance, marriage, adultery, children, spouse death, sister death, relationships with new men, near death experiences, the Avery award – the show is trying to give her other things to do, but the character has just peaked. . “It’s hard for us to disagree.

2 Ellen Pompeo Moves Out After Leaving the Original Actors Grey’s Anatomy

The first MAGIC 5 trainees had amazing chemistry that made the show so much better back then. As such, fans think that Pompeo has naturally “moved out” as “many of the co-stars she is close to [IRL] gone”. Williams’ departure may have been the last straw. Another fan also remarked that “Sandra Oh seemed a little tested” in recent seasons.

one Ellen Pompeo could burn out after starring in Grey’s Anatomy for too long

It has been nearly a decade since the series aired. It’s understandable if Pompeo could just burn out. However, they think that she could easily walk away if she wanted to. “For now, I agree that she has established herself as an actress,” said a fan of her decision to stay and risk the quality of her acting. “But the show became her business, not just a game. She is an executive producer and works very closely with other executive producers. When she talks about the show, she talks about it as a businesswoman, as a network person, as a show manager. ” Let’s hope they finally wrap up this 19th season … or that things get better from now on.

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