10 things fans would change to improve Emily in Paris

Fans have made it clear that there are many things to hate about the Netflix hit. Emily in Paris… Emily Cooper just messed up a lot – her bondage with her friend’s boyfriend, her refusal to adapt to French culture, and her gaudy fashion choices. Unsurprisingly, the French media came to hate the series at some point. While Lily Collins has always handled backlash well, fans would still like her to listen to criticism and change some points in the storyline. After all, she is also the producer of the show.

10 Show that Emily really works

Fans are just tired of Emily’s unrealistic career like Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the city, another hit by Darren Star. They just find it “funny” that “[whatever] The thought comes to her mind that she just thinks it’s great for the client, she starts to negotiate, post on IG without checking with her team and the real client … and she never gets into trouble because of it. ” I think her ideas aren’t even that good. As one Redditor put it, “She acts like she’s the most incredible person for the job … irony, the most incompetent, masquerading as an expert.”


9 Don’t add more characters

Fans don’t fully agree with the new cast for season two. “Emily doesn’t change at all,” wrote a Reddit commentator. “They just represent bad characters to make her look better.” Even Emily’s newest love interest, Alfie (Lucien Laviscont), “exists not only as a romantic interest, but also as a person who is even more ignorant than she in learning French,” they said. It is difficult to disagree with this. They also think Madeleine (Kate Walsh) is “disgustingly American, which makes Emily look more sophisticated, even chic, and better integrated into the company culture.” This is a pretty good observation.

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eight Get rid of singing “episode time filler”

We can’t deny it WithSeason 2 was almost like a musical. Many viewers seemed to hate it so much that they skipped all of those vocals. “I skipped some of these parts and didn’t lose anything,” a Reddit user said. “Whenever Mindy and the band sing, the stage only contains the audience’s reaction and performance (unlike other shows where they keep the music in the background, but after a while they show other scenes that are slightly related to the song). Almost all of them are also full length songs that seemed to be just episode fillers. ” They just think that this is too much for a non-musical series.

7 Give Mindy the best storyline

Speaking of singing, fans feel that Mindy (Ashley Park) deserves more than just completing an episode. “Basically, nothing has changed with her since she was introduced to the show at S1,” a fan wrote on a Reddit thread. “She’s a wealthy girl with an estranged father who is a terrific singer but disgraced himself on television. That’s all. It’s just boring because she really has nowhere to go. ” This is too bad as a lot of fans love Park and can see her host a spin-off or her own show. Let’s hope Mindy does well in Season 3.

6 Make Alfie the main character

Although Alfie “starts out as an arrogant, rude, arrogant” guy, fans love that he is “really [exhibits] growth of character “, in contrast to the rest of the main characters. This is why they find it disappointing that Alfie may have been dropped from season three. Bring Emily back with a cheating chef, “wrote a Reddit commenter. But some fans still don’t think he deserves someone as problematic as Emily. However, we still hope to see him next season.

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5 Don’t turn Camilla into a villain

Camilla (Camilla Razat) quickly turned villainous after learning about Gabriel (Lucas Bravo) and Emily’s romance. While fans think they understand why she embarked on this revenge plan with her mom against Emily, they still find it “disappointing.” She shouldn’t have turned into this manipulative girlfriend and girlfriend. “I really hated the way the series blackened Camilla by making her character manipulative,” said a fan. “This woman literally screwed up her 5-year-old boyfriend and American, she was just nice and made friends with her. If anyone is a villain, it is Emily and Gabriel. “

4 Camilla should have ditched both Gabriel and Emily

To be honest, a lot of viewers would have preferred if Camilla had just dumped Gabriel and Emily. “Camilla hasn’t forgiven Emily. She pretended to force her to back off from Gabriel, ”wrote a Redditor user. “I understand, and it makes her more human, but she had to leave both of them. Why go after a guy who would rather someone else? ” But then again, everyone blames this on Emily’s bad decisions. “Emily made so many bad decisions one after another,” said another fan. “After she chose the fraudulent / selfish path, she had to go all the way and date him after he told her he was staying.” This would make for a much more immersive dramatic arch.

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3 Stop portraying Gabriel as the main character

Fans don’t think it’s worth fighting for someone like Gabriel. – What is it about Gabriel? Truth? – asked the viewer. “He’s pretty bland apart from his culinary skills. And, of course, he looks ‘good’, but the main ladies look incredibly beautiful and can manage to have relationships with the best gentlemen. ” Another fan commented that “Gabriel is a piece of art with a nice look (because he doesn’t really mean bad things, he just does them).” Seriously, stop making Gabili happen. It just doesn’t have to be.

2 Stop making excuses for Emily’s behavior

Even though fans have come to terms with the show’s appeal, they still find it annoying that Emily’s bad choices are constantly being justified. “I can’t tell if I’m just cynical or if I’m right and the show is wrong,” said the fan. “But I’m just tired of the show constantly justifying Emily’s behavior with banal platitudes like“ put yourself first! ” And “what’s the difference, you’re in Paris!” Another fan added, “Put yourself first!” [is] advice you give to a single mom who hasn’t taken a vacation in three years, NOT a girl who makes rash romantic decisions that get you sleeping with your very sweet friend’s brother and boyfriend. ”

one Make Kim Cattrall Cameo Rumors Happen

It looks like fans have just lost all hope of the show. But if there is one tiny ray of light left, it is rumored to be a cameo of Kim Cattrall. Well, there was no official talk about it. But fans have been discussing the guest appearance for a while now. They think “that would be awesome.” We’re sure she’s unlikely to play Samantha Jones again. She has repeatedly said that she has finished playing the part. But fans wouldn’t mind her playing a new character. With her outfit in the photo above, we’re sure she would fit perfectly into it. Emily in Paris… Do you think it’s far away?

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