10 times fans blame bad spelling

And like this received backlash even before it even aired on HBO Max. Kim Cattrall’s absence Sex and the city the reboot was enough to keep the fans on their toes. It only got worse when Mr. Big died after a peloton session in Episode 2. Add in the fact that Chris Noth was charged with sexual assault after he left. This show just can’t have a hiatus, and fans have a lot of complaints too. We went to the show’s subreddit and found 10 forced moments in which viewers blame bad writing. We also have questions …

10 Funeral speech filled with hints

“How long … How long? Not enough … How big it was … It will leave a big hole. ” Yes, it was supposedly Miranda Hobbs (Cynthia Nixon’s) serious eulogy to Mr. Big. At first, fans thought it was a joke. “[I] was like … is this a joke about how bad speech is correct? “- wrote a fan.

To make matters worse, viewers were forced to “oh” after Miranda revealed that Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) wrote it for her late husband. “And then it turns out [Carrie] wrote this and we have to think it’s beautiful, ”added Redditor.[I] I think her speakers have always been bullshit and it fit that style (is it somehow very successful in this world … like her career is amazing?). “


9 Unfunny performance by Che Diaz

Fans expected a lot from Sara Ramirez’s character Che Diaz. It just got so much attention that they were a stand-up comedian. Then their performance followed, and the audience was disappointed. “I never once laughed or smiled during Che’s speech,” wrote the Reddit editor. “I didn’t agree with that, but I just found it incredible, incredibly boring and unfunny. It was just a bunch of banal opinions and slogans. Where were the jokes ??? ” Another fan added that “it was more like a motivational speech at a rally than a stand-up set.”

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eight Unrealistic introduction of new characters

In a post titled “Best Way to Introduce New Characters,” one fan quoted as “the writers do a terrible job of realistically describing [middle-aged] women “. According to them, it was just a lot of grandiose events taking place at the same time, and all after Big’s death. They said the show could have been written in such a way that we “see girls with lateral friendships, ALREADY IN PROCESS. Another fan agreed, saying that “the exposure and pace of the show are reminiscent of school essays.”

7 Waking up at every opportunity

Sex and the city hasn’t aged very well over the years. Fans think this is the reason And like this inserts “wakefulness and political correctness” at every opportunity. There’s nothing wrong with educating viewers, but fans think it’s a “lousy letter” that makes it worthy of juggling. “I keep reading reports that the show, too preoccupied with awakening and political correctness, is giving us this mess,” Redditor wrote.

“But it’s clear that writers simply don’t know how to write about these topics. Race, class, health, death, and age can be [portrayed] in a sensitive and intelligent demeanor, AJLT writes lousy. They try to make amends [show’s] previous mistakes and they don’t know how to do it, or they just don’t care which is worse. “

6 Steve Brady’s aging, ‘no older than his age’

Steve Brady may be an underrated character, but a lot of fans love him. So it was sad to see him reboot as a gray-haired dad in a hearing aid. “I hate how old they have aged Steve beyond his age,” a fan wrote. “Steve has been so interesting before. Gray is okay and I understand the angle of hearing loss, but damn it, they turned it into a slow human shell. second, but that’s all. “

Due to the aggravation of Miranda and Che’s romance, fans are even more upset that this is how the writers plan to “ease” the breakup of Miranda and Steve’s marriage. “I think they are taking that angle and that made me SO crazy,” another fan wrote. “We spent 10 years getting them together. Then because the writers need content, smash them ?! F OFF “.

5 Alcoholic Miranda Hobbes

Over the years, Miranda has gained a cult following as a progressive female boss. Now fans are thinking And like this destroyed her. “I think they’re trying too hard to arbitrarily assign life challenges to characters,” wrote a Reddit commenter. “Especially for Miranda, there is no context for how her character could go from seemingly herself to being least prepared to cope with a particular period of life. she’s been missing the spotlight outside of her husband and kids for over 15+ years. ”Honestly, Charlotte’s light shadow.

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4 Awkward podcast

It looks like the writers decided to pour all of their awakening material into the podcast. “I really feel like the vibe they are creating for the podcast is like a wake up offended millennial agelord,” a fan wrote. “This is SO different from what we millennials actually discuss and worry about. Most of us are now just concerned about mortgages, marriage and children. They don’t discuss masturbation on the subway. ” It’s true that.

3 Lack of focus on life POC

Fans believe the show doesn’t focus on POC’s life. “The colored people on the show seem to bring their great acting,” complained one fan. “In fact, they have to lose SJP, [Nixon], [Davis] and do a brand new show with a colored woman on the show. Find a way for [Ramirez], [Nicole Ari Parker], [Sarita Choudhury], and [Karen Pittman] the characters would be much more interested in interacting and then becoming friends and following their lives. “

On the other hand, this show has always focused on the lives of white women. “I think it all comes down to this,” wrote a fan. “How do you include women of color in a show that’s over 20 years old and starring 50-year-old upper class white women who have explored modern feminism in every realm except race? It can’t help but be awkward. “

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2 Miranda Hobbes and Che Diaz

Fans have mixed feelings about Miranda exploring her sexuality and having an affair with Che, who identifies as non-binary. In a Reddit post titled “Even as non-binary I don’t see Che with Miranda …… # feels compelled”, fans shared their critical thoughts on the plot twist, stating that in real life someone like “Che would not be in Miranda” … “

However, they think that Che serves some purpose in Miranda’s evolution. “I think Che is only needed to wake up Miranda a little and let her know that she is capable of more (and WANTS more) than a sexless marriage,” the fan suggested. “Miranda and Steve are platonic roommates at the moment and they both deserve better.”

one Trying to get a new Samantha Jones

Samantha Jones cannot be replaced. This is why fans were willing to boycott the show the moment it became known that Kim Cattrall would not be joining the cast. Still, And like this trying to fill this gap with new characters – even existing ones, such as Anthony Marentino (Mario Cantone) carrying his cocky mouth to the table during brunch with the girls.

But fans don’t think that’s enough, even with Carrie’s realtor, Sima Patel (Sarita Chowdhury), a lonely 50-year-old who “still tries her best.” Fans think that “so far there is absolutely nothing funny about it” and that “no one could make Sam like Kim Cattrall.”

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