10 Times Kate Moening and Leisha Haley were BFF goals.

Kate Moining. And لیشا۔ Haley When they arrived at the showtime screen test, they barely knew anything about each other. Of L. Word.Also, they really praised each other and thought the other was great. They were both auditioning for the role of the bad girl and the heartbreaking Shane McCutcheon, who eventually went to Kate Moening. Fortunately, Leisha Haley was cast as Alice Peskeki, the place where the famous Abelingi begins. “Of Chart“Which documents all the common hook-ups and connections in the Los Angeles gay community in the early ’00s.

During the seven seasons of filming, the couple became best friends. Now, 20 years later, they’re still as fat as thieves and still keep Shane and Alice alive on screen, even though it’s now in the reboot of the original show: L word: Generation Q. He also works as an executive producer on Reboot, as a gift to be able to. Best friend. This is a couple who have done it all together, and now, at the age of 43 (Kate) and 50 (Leisha), there is a friendship that we should all wish our best people. These are 7 times Kate Moening and Leisha Haley were BFF goals.

Together they started home improvement projects.

Kate Moening and Leisha Haley were close friends on the original set. L word.. Show runner, Marja Lewis Ryan, took notice as they approached. “You can tell when people are really best friends,” he said. “When I first met him, I didn’t know he was a real-life friend and he was talking about going home depot and building a fence. Started working to make the scenes between Alice and Shane authentic for him Offscreen friendship.

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He became a co-executive producer on Reboot.

Working with your friends is not always easy, and many people in Hollywood are wary of it. This is not true for this pair. As an idea to resume. L word. In hindsight, it was clear that creator and showrunner Elaine Chicken would not be involved. It left some producing spaces open, and as the show’s most senior veterans, Kate Monig and Leisha Haley, along with Jennifer Bells (who plays Son Porter), cast Saw the opportunity They have grown as friends and creative partners, making and making executive decisions together.

They started a podcast to do more handouts.

During the epidemic, the pair disappeared from the set as a production. L word: Generation Q. Like many other TV and film productions, it stopped. The solution? They Podcast started. now Pants There is an ongoing weekly fixture, even when production resumes. “We thought we would stop once production started and we both managed to find a way to work. We wouldn’t miss a week. It’s really scary. ” This is the strongest bond of true BFFs!

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They imitated each other perfectly.

Only true best friends can. Humorous imitation Without any strong feelings for each other. Kate and Lycea have already perfected each other’s impressions, performing them for the audience in early 2010.


They paired around and played a fake wrestling match.

A 2008 video shows Kate and Leisha walking around a hotel room with a fake wrestling match. When they hit the bed and the floor, they break up and talk to each other, as you do with your best friends. They are very beautiful matches! Each one makes two rounds. By the end, they are all smiling, proving that the only fight between these two BFFs is fake!

They read each other’s minds.

A game based on a fun improv. Hannah Hart’s YouTube show., Pair Generation Q The stars tried to connect psychologically to reach the same word. Kate and Leisha have already come close to being terribly close in the era, with Hannah Hart announcing that these BFFs are fully connected on a psychological level!

They dish on each other’s secrets

Kate and Leisha like to be stupid in interviews and media clips, so the TV guide game that forced them to bounce the ball to answer various questions made them laugh and laugh with each other like any other best friend. had been. With Jennifer Bells, they can’t keep a straight face because they make them cry from each other’s secret abilities, movies and dishes on other fun topics.

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