10 unexpected life lessons from Christine Quinn

Christine Quinn may be the self-proclaimed villain of the Netflix hit. Sale Sunset… But let’s face it, she’s a stylish and inspiring boss girl. We’re sure that deep down, most of her haters dream of her amazing work and her vibrant lifestyle. So for now, try to put aside her intense feud with Chrischel Stouse. Take time to evaluate this list of unexpected (insane) life lessons we can all learn from Quinn.

10 Christine Quinn is not afraid to think outside the box

Not every time you get botox and burgers at an open house. But then again, this is in a luxury home in Los Angeles. It sounds ridiculous, so Quinn had to fight a bit for the idea. But she insisted on this, in the end she “surpassed” herself, and there was a large turnout at the event. Everyone had a good time. Even her bosses were surprised by his influence. Other girls could not say something like that. Quinn’s stuff only (pun intended).


9 Christine Quinn has worked her way to this astounding confidence

In the first season, then-newcomer Stause described Quinn as an intimidating 7-foot blonde. You just can’t miss this glamazon. In addition to bright outfits, her aura just screams: you can’t mess with her, and she knows exactly what she’s doing. But according to the Texas native, she wasn’t always like this. “Confidence is what I was born with” Quinn said fashion… “But it’s also what I brought to life when life got in my way. A lot of people over the years said no to me, so it gave me an inner strength that grew into this big personality that I think people fell. in love with.”

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eight Christine Quinn is proud of plastic surgery

There is nothing wrong with getting plastic surgery. You also shouldn’t hide it. Quinn herself always spoke openly about going under the knife. “I am totally for the truth about plastic surgery. This is important in a world where there is this facade of social networks that causes body dysmorphism in people, ”she shared. “People think that [things are] real and it is not. I tell people all the time: I got breasts, lips, tons of Botox, tons of makeup. ” The reality TV star also admitted that her glamor costs a total of $ 1,000 a day. look so cheap, ”she joked.

7 When Kristin Quinn defended her friend Davina Potratz from a tough client

What I love about Quinn is that she doesn’t let anyone mess with her or her friends. So in season three, when the $ 75 million client Potraz left her, Quinn didn’t hesitate to defend her. The difficult client eventually calmed down and became even more grateful to Potratz for his efforts to sell his home at an overpriced price (it still hasn’t been sold). If anything, at least it made the client aware of his agent’s hard work. This is the strength of Quinn’s position “really tough, very assertive in business.”

6 Christine Quinn was already a millionaire before she married Rich

Quinn was always honest about wanting to marry a rich man. She knew what she wanted, so she went ahead and achieved it. But don’t be fooled, the realtor was already financially independent as an unmarried woman. “Don’t wait for a knight in shining armor, build your own castle,” she said. “I knew I wanted to meet a rich husband, but at first I wanted to be my own rich husband. I wanted to work hard, be independent rich and become a millionaire who made his own money – which I did. ” Lots of quotes from there to put on a t-shirt. Quinn is pretty nimble. She started investing in the stock market at 23, which helped her earn her first million, along with real estate investments, acting and modeling.

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5 When Christine Quinn continued to work because “she is pregnant, not dying”

In the first episode of the fourth season, 9 months pregnant Quinn shone in a tight black dress, showing off a tummy and a handbag in the form of a chair. She also wore bright red lipstick during the day and told her boss Jason Oppenheim that she would not take long maternity leave after giving birth. “I am pregnant. I will not die, ”she said. “I still want to go back to work … Business is business, but just know that I’ll be back.” While it is important to have a good work-life balance, we applaud her for keeping her spirits up even after a “traumatic” C-section.

4 Christine Quinn loves helping people

Contrary to her portrayal on the show, Quinn is actually a lot cuter in real life. Yes, she’s not just some self-centered boogie girl talking about her luxury vacation on social media. She didn’t even have Instagram until she was 30 and realized that this was a good way to inspire people. “I was 30 years old and didn’t have Instagram,” said the influencer. “I am very spiritual, I live in the moment, I love to be present in everything I do, so I never had social media and my life was wonderful. I knew I had to have it for the show and I wanted to give myself the opportunity to inspire and connect with people. ” She said she uses the platform in a positive way, giving her fans advice “whether it’s real estate advice, confidence or even relationship advice.” She even said that she only shows up at work because of her fans, and not because of her colleagues.

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3 Christine Quinn refuses to drink Kool-Aid “Selling Sunset”

Accept your uniqueness and know that you don’t have to “fit in” just to do your job well. This is how Quinn succeeds in real estate. “When people say, ‘Why aren’t you hanging out with the group?’ Because I don’t drink Kool-Aid, ”she said. “I have real friends. I don’t need to prove that I’m hanging out with these people. I just want to go home and see my baby after we finish filming. ” That’s why haters couldn’t care less about her. She added that the show was deliberately edited to make her an angry girl.

2 Christine Quinn always thought she was stronger than her hard times

Quinn’s life was not easy. “As a child, I was not dealt the best cards, and I had to grow up very quickly,” he shared How to be a boss b * tch author. “I left my parents’ home when I was 17 years old, I was in prison on my 17th birthday for possession of marijuana … it’s easy for me to be strong in business and to be strong for people, but this is really due to the experience I went through. who brought me here today, and I will not trade him for anything. ” She has been a strong independent woman since she was 17. I can’t hate her for that.

one Christine Quinn is never afraid to speak her mind

Of course, this could be the reason for most of the intense drama on the show. However, this is precisely why Quinn is not afraid to demand what he deserves. “I’m tired of being bashful, of women who are called bitchy when they are confident and can speak their minds,” Quinn said of her directness. “If I were a man doing the same thing, people would not doubt it. When people call me a bitch, I just say, “Thank you.” If being a bitch means speaking your mind and being true to it, yes, then being a bitch isn’t so bad. If someone calls me a bitch, then I am doing something right. ” In addition, the show sometimes exaggerates her candor, and we’re sure she’s more than just an evil person.

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