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Once upon a time, or like 10 years ago, the ABC show, Once upon a time is Posted on October 23, 2011. The show tells the story of a new world Fairy tales And modern life collides. The protagonist, Emma Swan, is the baby of Snow White and Prince Charming and is thrown into a fairy-tale world where many problems arise.

Once upon a time is Lasted for seven seasons and was created by. lost And Tron: Inheritance Edward Kitts and Adam Harwitz. It flared up. Spin off show Wonder Upon a Time in Wonderland., Who followed Alice in Wonderland and her back story. The spin-off lasted only one season.

Until last season, the series had the lowest rating ever, with just over 3 million viewers. The series has spawned many books and comic books on the subject.

So, now that the show’s tenth anniversary is approaching, let’s find out where the cast is today.

Jennifer Morrison

Jennifer Morrison played the lead role of Emma Swan in the show. She did not know that she was born into a legendary family until her son abandoned her for adoption. First. OUATShe was on Home And after the other character. Once. Finished, Morrison worked on other things. This year, she is directing an episode. Dr. Death. And the upcoming show, One of us is a liar., Based on a book by Karen McManus.

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Colin O’Donoghue.

Colin O’Donoghue starred in the show from Season 2 to 7, starring Captain Hook / Kalyan Jones and Emma Swan. Currently, he plays Doki On Troll Hunters: The Rise of the Titans And Magician: Arcadia Stories. O’Donoghue played Gordon Cooper. Right things He has very few keys on social media, posting about his character and vanilla collection.

Lana Perilla

Lana Perella played Regina Mills / The Evil Queen On. OUAT. Despite being a villain in the beginning, he saved himself till the end. She has been acting ever since. Once. Khatam Pirla played the role of Foy in the show. Tax collector Last year is another. Currently in the role of Rita Castillo Why do women kill? The actress recently met her new children with her old friends Rebecca Mader and Sean Maguire.

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Jennifer Goodon

Gunnifer Goodwin played the mother of Snow White / Marie Margaret Blanchard and Emma Swann in the series. However, she left as the main character in Season 6. Goodon is married. OUAT Co-star Josh Dallas and his children. He also acted. Why do women kill?L is in season one with Perella and is currently starring. Need from the ground. And the upcoming show, Axis.

Josh Dallas.

Josh Dallas plays David Nolan / Prince Dilkash and Emma Swan’s father. Once upon a time is. That’s Jennifer Goodon’s on and off screen love. Currently, he is working as Ben Stone in the NBC drama, Manifesto He shares updates on his and his family’s life on social media because Godon has no one. Dallas usually posts selfies and special memories with her children.

Robert Carlyle.

Robert Carlyle played Rimple Steltskin / Mr. Gold / Weaver on the series. Once again, like Pearl, he was a villain who turned out well. After a while, he went for acting. Tomorrow, the world war. And currently acting as Robert Sutherland. Cobra Carlyle has only one Twitter account and keeps her personal life very private, posting only about her characters and interviews.

Jared S. Glamor.

Jared S. Glamor played Henry Mills Seasons 1 through 6 on the show. He hasn’t acted much since the show ended. Glamor dubbed English for Shalio on the show. Code Gas: The Greed of Doomsday.. However, the actor is busy working across the country and posting selfies on his Instagram. He is currently growing his hair.

Emily D. Raven.

Emily de Rawan played the ballet. Once upon a time is In all 7 seasons, she starred in a television movie, A lover mocked. In 2019, but not much acting after that. Emily de Raven spends most of her time traveling in Australia with her children and husband. According to her Instagram, she will be involved in a project called 2022. True color And will film in Australia.

Rebecca Madder.

Rebecca Mader played Zelena / The Wood Dine of the West / Kelly West in the series. She was the one you didn’t like when she first appeared but then after liking her character she redeemed herself. He has not acted in anything since then. OUAT, But Created a YouTube channel With co-star Sean McGuire during the lockdown. The mother recently gave birth to her second child, a girl named Bailey, last September.

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Sean McGuire

Although Sean McGuire did not appear on the show until Season 3, he quickly became the main character. OUAT Family He played the love role of Robin Hood and Regina Mills in the show. Maguire starred. Head shop Last year and show. Wizard. Maguire also recently became a U.S. citizen with his wife, and this year he received his third child and first daughter. He shares most of his life on his Instagram page, posting throwbacks from the show and posting beautiful photos of his family.

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