106 Notable LinkedIn Posts Called by This Twitter Page

Here’s a quick question for you, Pandas: How many of you have an account on LinkedIn? With 830 million members in over 200 countries, LI is the largest online professional network. Although ‘professional’ might be a bit of a misnomer. As anyone who has spent time on the network knows, things can get pretty funny sometimes.

Posts about completely made up situations. Posts so full of bragging that they make you cringe. Posts that exaggerate the positive attributes of the author as well as their company. And posts about how the CEO acted like a complete jerk but tried to pretend he was super deep and professional (and completely control and/or greed are not issues). The cringe is real. And it ends at all. The ‘Best of LinkedIn’ Twitter Page.

Run by JR Hickey, from California, the account shows a side of LinkedIn that many would rather keep hidden. He gently pokes fun at all the “heroes and inspirational people who are brave enough to share their stories in an effort to inspire others.” Scroll down for her best feature posts, upvote your favorites, and tell us all about the weirdest things you’ve stumbled upon on LI yourself, dear panda.

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