108 Media Boards Japanese Tragicomedy ‘Performing Kaoru’s Funeral’ – Deadline

Special: 108 Media, A production, finance and distribution company headquartered in Toronto, has embarked on Noriko Yosa’s upcoming Japanese tragedy comedy. Kauro’s funeral.

The company will co-produce the project and handle worldwide sales, including in the future. Busan International Film Festival. The movie has not been cast yet.

Director Yosa (Sunni is coming back.The photo tells the story of John Yukotani, who respects the death of his ex-wife Koro, who was responsible for his death before he could start life again. Completely incompatible, Yukotani and Kauro’s daughter (also called Kauro) have to change their lives completely as they try to start a new family during Kauro’s funeral.

Takato Nishi wrote the screenplay. McVeigh is producing Schumacher, co-producing with Mayway Movies’ Taco Hisamatsu. Filming will begin in Japan in January 2022 and last for four weeks.

Yosa said, “This project focuses on the domestic trend of funerals in Japan. It’s not just a simple personal matter, it’s shared with everyone and is definitely meaningful. The film shows the universal theme of humanity.” Saying his last goodbye and resuming is the key to bringing sympathy and excitement to the world and posting people’s lives.

Rio Abbey, Managing Director of 108 Media (North East Asia), added: “We are thrilled to confirm the production of this wonderful story. Funeral service welcomes the complexity of emotions at the heart of our identity.

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