110 times people had such perfect handwriting, it gave eyes to everyone (new pictures)

Raise your hand, pandas who still have a notebook! (A handful of hands slowly come up.) Now, raise your hand if you write in that notebook! While we listen to the humming silence, I have to admit that in the past week, I wrote a Post-It note along with my list of groceries. The fact is clear: typing has largely replaced the good, old and beautiful art of handwriting. (I’m not looking at you, doctors!)

Cursive writing has become a skill in itself. Some states, such as Indiana, have decided to teach it in school. Others claim that cursive should be nurtured like any other great tradition, whose disappearance would be a cultural tragedy.


So without further ado, we have some great pen-guys to write a letter, a Christmas card, or a diary entry with the most beautiful examples of handwriting. Scroll down, upvote your favorite and be sure to check out bored pandaPrevious lists with correct handwriting Here And Here,

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