110 times people showcased their best embroidery (New Photos)

Embroidery as a craft has developed all over the world. Whether it’s stunning artwork or cheeky cross-stitch on clothing and home items, it’s always been an important part of our material culture. However, today, some think of needlework as a dying art that is unsuitable for our busy lives. Well, this is not entirely true and there is an online community that proves it.

The subquery in question is called r / embroidery, As the moderators explain in the description, it is “dedicated to the exchange of tips, techniques, resources, and ideas for hand and machine embroiderers.” Over 519K stitchers show off some of their biggest projects on the page, and they really are gorgeous.


pst! After you’ve scrolled through some of the best posts we’ve collected from the subreddit, be sure to check out Part 1 of this post. right here,

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