119 Designs That Are So Bad, It’s Hard To Believe Someone Came Up With Them (New Photos)

Think of some of the best designs of the modern era. Like the iPhone, Tetra Pak, Post-It, Zippo, the list is endless. How would you describe it? Simple, smart, timeless, catchy, interesting, alluring, well, basically everything but what you are about to see in this post.

Because we’re about to dive into a collection of photos that put the design to shame. Be it product, window, furniture, interior, poster design, you name it, they all have some really bad examples they will forget.

So without further ado I leave the stage for a bunch of beauty apocalypse from this entertaining reddit corner This will make you appreciate what you have at home, even that old broken chair that’s barely alive, because it could be worse. worse class.

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