12 best movies to watch for Pinocchio fans

From the creators of The Secret of Kells and The Walkers comes Song of the Sea, director Tomm Moore’s fine exploration of Irish mythology. With interesting characters, beautiful imagery, and a story that doesn’t speak down to children, this poignant yet quirky story focuses on a family trying to heal from a tragedy.

Six years after the lighthouse keeper lost his wife at sea, his family is still suffering. This is especially true of his embittered son Ben, who blames his mute sister Saoirse for his pain. But gradually Ben learns that his sister is actually a selkie – a creature that can turn into a seal. Unfortunately, she falls ill without her silk coat, and an evil witch roams around turning mythological creatures into stone, which leads our heroes on an adventure with fairies, the ocean, and a powerful song.

Like Pinocchio, Cartoon Saloon’s Song of the Sea is a visually compelling tale of childhood that isn’t afraid to look at the wonderful side of adolescence. as well as the scary side of growing up. And just like Pinocchio, Ben, caught up in a desperate race to save his dying sister, must learn to be brave and selfless.

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