12 Best Naru Moments in Prey by Courage

Sometimes there is a fine line between courage and idiocy. And as blunt as she is, Naru sticks to that line hard when she decides to leave the Comanche camp without telling anyone where she’s going. In pursuit of the Predator, Naru is above her head. Ultimately, however, it turns out to be an act of bravery rather than stupidity, which proves to be the real turning point in “The Prey”.

The Naru must undergo their “kühtaamia”, a rite of passage that all hunters must undergo in order to prove themselves to the tribe. The details of this ritual are important as they require the hunter to hunt an animal that can prey on them – a predator. Naru is the first to realize that the alien intruder is a hunter and takes his arrival as a sign that it’s time for her to pass the test. The moment she decides to go out alone, without anyone’s help, Naru commits to making this hunt her kuhtaamiya, and this drives her to the end of the film. Naru is determined not to rest until she gets that Predator’s head back.

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