12 Best Shows Like Abbott Elementary That Fans Should Watch

Above all else, Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a fun show. It may be a NYPD sitcom, but it’s more of a service comedy that bears little resemblance to serious legal proceedings like CSII or Law & Order. It’s much more like sitcoms like Parks and Recreation, Superstore, and, of course, Abbott Elementary. From desert-dry Captain Holt (André Broger) to sweet, childish, but surprisingly competent detective Jake Peralta (Andy Samberg), Brooklyn Nine-Nine brought at least half a dozen iconic sitcom characters to the world. spirit of time.

Like Abbott Elementary, Brooklyn Nine-Nine boasts an impressive stream of stand-alone gags with numerous iconic cold openings. But there’s also a sense of history in his characters, with plenty of callbacks and gags. In the middle and later seasons, Brooklyn Nine-Nine didn’t shy away from many of the big problems policing in America, and it’s likely this willingness to take charge that paved the way for shows like Abbott to success. enter the stage with greater public and political awareness from the outset.

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