12 Best Shows Like Little Demon You Should Watch Next

Adult animation couldn’t be more raunchy than Netflix’s Big Mouth. Co-created by comedian Nick Kroll and Family Guy writer Andrew Goldberg, the series follows Nick and Andrew as teenagers going through the ups and downs of puberty with their friends. The catch is that every teenager is haunted by their own hormonal monster that encourages them to indulge their primal urges. Kroll voices himself, while Andrew is voiced by Kroll’s comedy partner John Mulaney.

While the show starts like puberty research, it has evolved over the course of its launch to delve into other growing up themes such as anxiety, depression, and shame. The show also features an extensive roster of guest stars, including Maya Rudolph, Hugh Jackman and Jean Smart. In 2022, Big Mouth launched a spin-off series, Frames, which takes place in an office that employs various hormone monsters and similar creatures such as Logic Rock and Lovebug.

The show has received continued critical acclaim. who shrug off his frankly profane humor and deal with his deeper themes, including growing up children and dealing with various life issues and traumas. Later seasons earned critical praise for storylines dealing with race, LGBTQ struggles, and mental health.

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