12 Marvel Movie Villains You Can’t Help But Love

Marvel has really given us the best of the worst.

Marvel has presented audiences with a variety of memorable villains.


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Although many of them are more or less used in film, Marvel has managed to successfully adapt some of its villains to the silver screen, making them one of the greatest antagonists in cinema history. And so, to honor these iconic criminals, let’s take a look at the 12 Greatest Villains of the Marvel Movies.

Warning: IfailI Ahead!!!


Living Planet Ego – Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

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This celestial celestial inspired countless children to expand their consciousness across the universe, eventually creating Peter Quill. Although he initially appears to Quill as the loving father he’s always wanted, he eventually turns into a callous and cocky monster who sees no value in mortal life. And to think, James Gunn, Kurt Russell, and Marvel Studios managed to make a giant planet such a great villain.

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green Goblin – Spider Man

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Whereas Spider-Man villains are usually portrayed as lower-class people unfairly by society, Norman Osborne was already at the top of the social ladder. However, after testing an unstable performance enhancer on himself, he develops an evil alternate personality and becomes the killer Mr. Grinch. Unlike in previous iterations of Ghost, you actually feel some sympathy for him as he loses himself in his dark half. Still, Willem Dafoe’s villain steals the show whenever he appears to indulge in deliciously evil antics.



hella – Thor: Ragnarok

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The Asgardian goddess of death and Thor’s secret sister, Hela was once Odin’s executioner and commander of his army, before she was sent to Hel. With his return after Odin’s death, he destroys Thor’s hammer, cuts off his eye, and takes possession of Asgard. Cate Blanchett gave an unforgettable performance as Hela, and the fact that Odin hid his character’s existence and his bloody history addresses the real-life issue of imperialism. In the end, he forces Thor and Loki to destroy Asgard in order to free and defeat Ragnarok, making him one of the greatest threats in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.



Vulture – Spider-Man: Homecoming

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Considering how foolish a man in a bright green bird costume is, it was hard to imagine that the Vulture is a sinister villain on film. However, Marvel rediscovered Adrian Toomes for the silver screen, and Michael Keaton took his character to new heights. A construction worker who lost his job repairing war-torn New York, Toms opts to sell alien weapons to help him and his family survive, making him one of Spider-Man’s most trusted on-screen opponents. Has been made.


mysterio – Spider-Man: Far From Home

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Like Vulture, Quentin Beck was another low-level activist who felt he had been wronged by Tony Stark. However, he and his team developed a clever way of tricking the world into thinking he was a superhero that they deserved to be recognized (representing a recent trend of misinformation in the media). Although Beck dies fighting Spider-Man, he succeeds by creating the unimaginable and web-slinger for his murder while revealing his identity to the world.


kingpin – Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

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In this stunning animated hit, crime kingpin Wilson Fisk tries to use a collider to reach alternate universes to find new versions of his dead wife and son. With so much power and resources, he not only almost succeeded in the plan, but he also killed Peter Parker’s version of his universe. Although this Hawking crime boss is an evil threat, his inspiration throughout the film makes him one of the more subtle villains in the Spider-Verse.


Xu Wenwu – Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

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much like spider verseThe kingpin of this immortal Sardar attempts to bring back his beloved wife, who is tricked into believing she is trapped in her home village. However, unlike Kingpin, Wenwu tries to lead a normal and righteous life with his family, only for his dark past to bring him back into villainy. Tony Leung’s character enhances and transcends the aggressive stereotypes embodied in the original Mandarin character portrayed in the comics, making him the most realistic and darkest villain in Marvel’s filmography.


Doctor Octopus – spider man 2

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For years, Alfred Molina’s Doc Ok was cast in film as Marvel’s best villain. Originally a scientist living happily with his wife, he suffered a failed experiment that cost him his job and his true love. With his four mechanical arms clasping his body like a green goblin, he begins to lose control of himself. After feeling so much sympathy for the poor scientist, it warms and breaks both of them to see him finally sacrificing himself to save New York. But at least we’ll be able to see her again no way home,


magnet – X Men suffrage

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As the villain of one of Marvel’s first big movies, Magneto told many people just how great the X-Men stories can be. Originally a prisoner at Auschwitz, Erich Lehnscher discovered his mutant ability to control metal and magnetic fields while he was imprisoned by the Nazis. After he and his family suffered from racial prejudice during World War II, he came to the conclusion that humans and mutants could not coexist peacefully, prompting him to overthrow humanity as the dominant species. was done. A sinister but sympathetic threat, Magneto summons up the real-life bigotry still embedded within the human race, enough to make you somewhat agree with the master of magnetism.


bottle gourd – Thor, the Avengers

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He really earns his title as the god of mischief. As Thor’s adopted brother, Loki constantly comes to assault him and his father, Odin, as he struggles for power. Loki is one of the most complex characters in the MCU who, even within his adopted family, is constantly switching between good and bad while battling a sense of loneliness and inadequacy. Realizing that he is “burdened with splendid purpose”, Loki causes widespread destruction in order to prove himself to the world. However, the audience has seen this trickster grow into a better version of himself.


killmonger – black Panther

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A young N’jadaka is abandoned in America after her father is killed by her uncle, King T’Chaka of Wakanda, causing deep hatred for the king and his family. Growing up to join the Navy SEALs, N’Jadaka becomes the skilled but ruthless fighter known as the Killmonger. A tragic villain with understandable motives, Killmonger sought to accomplish his father’s goal and help African Americans around the world rise up against their racial oppressors with Wakanda’s advanced weapons. Like Magneto, Killmonger is the kind of character that gives you a hard look at the state of the world, and Michael B. Jordan gives an iconic performance that makes it hard to look away from this menacing villain.


Thanos – Avengers: Infinity War And avengers: endgame

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Marvel had been building that for years. As the MCU’s big bad, Thanos scours the universe for the six Infinity Stones to wipe out half of life in the universe in order to prevent overpopulation. With so much hype surrounding Thanos and his invasion, Marvel could have collapsed under the weight of its ambition. However, he elevates this great villain by making him a man who thought he was doing what was best for the universe. And even when the Avengers team up against him, his godly power and indomitable will allow him to achieve his goal, throwing the entire MCU into chaos.

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