12 Midnight Angels Facts That Will Prepare Marvel Fans For MCU Spin-off Okoye

When Midnight’s Angels break into the MCU, fans have begun to speculate about the possible repercussions. Most importantly, there’s a chance the Angels’ origin story could hit the big screen, with not only major implications for Wakanda, but also the long-awaited arrival of Doctor Doom in the MCU. Eventually, time will even out as Doom’s main enemy, the Fantastic Four, are on their way.


Similar to Namor made his film debut in Wakanda Forever. Could Doom be the next longtime Marvel icon to infiltrate Wakanda? War of Doom inspired storyline could also bring Okoye to the company Ryan Reynolds Deadpool is an on-screen duo that is sure to create a dynamic contrast, and a partnership that could mark yet another item on the MCU’s to-do list by bringing Deadpool into the picture.

Alternatively, the comic mythology surrounding the Midnight Angels is complex, perhaps too complex to detail effectively on screen, especially if you’re going to be adding other MCU storylines to the movie. An adaptation of Ta-Nehisi Coates’ short story about the Wakanda Revolution could provide a solid basis for the third (and possibly final) installment of the Black Panther trilogy. Since Okoye is no longer a member of Dora Milahe and empowered by her new outfit designed by Shuri, the fan-favorite character could help bring significant changes to Wakanda in future installments. Meanwhile, Aneka and Ayo’s relationship has yet to be fleshed out in the comics, after a subtle hint of a connection in the last feature.

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