12 Violent Movies Like “Cruel Night” You Must See

Violent, sadistic thrillers like A Cruel Night aren’t just limited to American shores, as the 2010 Dutch film Sint can attest. If you are wondering what this is about, it would be helpful if we told you that in the US it has been renamed “Saint Nick” and of course it represents the religious icon as an otherworldly ghost that returns to the land of the living in search of bloody blood. retribution. The film is more based on the regional myth of Sinterklaas, a Dutch character inspired by the biblical Saint Nicholas, patron of children.


The film begins in the 15th century, when Bishop Niklas was assassinated on December 5th. Since then, every time the date of his d*ath coincides with the full moon, Niklas returns to the world of the living to take revenge. Centuries pass, and today Niklas has formed the basis of a good legend about Sinterklaas, and for some he is just a horror story. But when the full moon arrives, Saint Nicholas rises as a ghostly medieval figure in religious garb, out for blood. He rides a terrifying white horse, wields a deadly staff, and is unstoppable.

A truly terrifying thriller with some sort of creepy atmosphere and frightening, nightmarish imagery, Synth is a stylish holiday horror movie. Benefiting from its dynamic story that moves quickly and confidently, it gives back tingles along the way.

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