120 Incredible Facts About the World You Didn’t Know (New Photos)

Life is full of unanswered mysteries… as well as answers we don’t know about yet! With how busy we are in this non-stop, ultra-intense life in the digital age, it can be quite daunting to choose something as simple as a book to learn something new. So for those of us who are stressed about time, sifting through little bits of information on social media becomes the most comfortable way to learn new things about history and science.

recorded wtf factsThe stage is right. The popular Twitter account shares tons of interesting facts about the world every day, and they’re great for anyone who has an inquisitive mind and a penchant for learning new things. Some of these facts are so bizarre, your first instinct might be to doubt their veracity. However, that’s the point of the WTF Facts project – showcasing niche trivia that pushes the boundaries of our knowledge. When you scroll down, don’t forget to upvote the first thing you learned, pandas.

Oh, and if you’re still excited to learn some new and interesting facts about the world while you’re done with this list, you should definitely check out the bored panda Previous articles about the WTF Facts project here: part 1 And part 2, happy reading!

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