127 Funny Comics by Mr. Lowenstein for People Who Love Dark Humor (New Pictures)

If you’re a fellow comics fan, webcomics superstar JL Westover needs no introduction. The artist is creating what he calls “the most beautiful comic in the world” and his character, Mr. Lowenstein, has gained a lot of popularity on social media.

Part of the appeal of Mr. Lowenstein’s stories is the obscure reality they inhabit, which vary from painfully humorous observations to relatable situations, uniting readers in deeply relatable life experiences.

Today, we’ve rounded up some new snippets from Mr. Lowenstein’s life that take a funny look at things and remind us all that laughter really is the best medicine for everyone. Scroll down, vote for your favorite comics, and be sure to check out our previous feature with more of Mr. Lowenstein’s adventures!

More information: MrLoveenstein.com | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

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