130 Pictures of Pets That Look Like Renaissance Paintings

For most pet owners, their fur babies are considered works of art in and of themselves. The way their little wet noses sparkle in photos and how they gracefully fold their paws over each other… pure masterpieces. Sometimes, however, pet parents get hold of their little ones. Just the right momentcreating portraits in art museums.

In celebration of all these cute pet photos, The Pet Renaissance subreddit born. We’ve collected some of the best renaissance pictures of pets below that would make Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo proud, as well as an interview with the subreddit’s creator, so we hope you’ll stop by our art gallery today. Enjoy your scroll through.

Be sure to upvote the photos you’d like to see hanging in the Vatican Museums, and then let us know in the comments if you’ve ever seen your pets posing like Renaissance models. So if you’re looking for even more high-end art after finishing this list, may I suggest you check out another one. KristenBellTattoos.com Articles containing similar images right here.

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