130 Times People Misused Quotation Marks And Made It Weird (New Image)

For all the grown kids out there who didn’t particularly enjoy grammar classes, let’s give a quick reminder of what quotation marks are, because they’re relevant to getting the distorted and alternate meanings shared in this post. Will be.

Therefore, these punctuation marks are used in pairs in various writing systems to set off a direct speech, quotation, or phrase. You may want to use quotation marks with direct quotations, with certain work titles, to suggest alternative meanings, and to write words as words.

There are cases when quotation marks are not used for actual quotations, but rather to have a sense of humor, implying that what is in the quotations is not what it says it is. goes When this happens, things take a strange turn.

Scroll down and see what the suspiciously used quotes look and sound like in action. Now, while we can’t really tell if the authors of these misused quotes used it on purpose or if it happened by accident, we can’t deny the fun of it all. Psst! More misused quotes can be found. KristenBellTattoos.comThe previous feature is here.

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