135 very “American” photos posted on this Facebook page

There is hardly anything more controversial than asking a group of people what they think of the United States and the American way of life, whether they are local or not. On the one hand, you have a crowd that is 110% supportive BIG cars, cowboy freedom and chants USA, USA, USA! every chance they get because it’s land of opportunity and the best nation in God’s green Earth. On the other hand, there are people who think that America is profoundly mistaken that he can never do anything right and just rushes towards disaster with no hope of redemption – they see only cons. Somewhere in the middle are the realistic moderates who view the US as a country. full of potential and appreciate how warm people are there, but also see the need for changes in key areas.

However, today we will throw moderation and realism out the window and embrace the excessive, big-life, and that we have more freedom than you, for the sake of humor. We feature the best memes from “Wow, this is STRONGLY American” The Facebook page and the name really doesn’t lie. This is a social media project that documents as much American things as possible, viewed through the stereotypical lens of the Internet. Scroll down for a laugh and tell us what you think of America in the comments dear Pandas.

Warning: there will be a lot of satire. Before we get started, just keep in mind that no one here is making fun of the US. It’s not about Democrat versus Republican. We know that America is beautiful. We also know that America has its fair share of serious problems. However, this healthy laughter yourself from time to time and learn to embrace cultural oddities in all their glory.

Personally, I am deeply grateful for learning so much about American culture firsthand. To be honest, they are one of the most hardworking and hospitable people on the planet. They would give you shirts from the back. And their teaching style is what really works with who I am as a person. To me, America is all about freedom, respect, and the ability to follow whatever dreams you have with very little outside interference. (I also loved the romantic image of the white-palisade suburban 1950s, but it’s actually neither.)

Precisely because I highly value the United States, I can speak honestly about the state of the country as a whole. There are some incredible pluses that drag down unlimited consumerismwide physical and mental health problemsand the sometimes confusing look at healthcareas well as environment. For me, America is a paradox, the ups and downs of humanity. And that’s for sure because you love something that you want it to be better.

One of the major issues that keeps popping up on social media and the news is the US Kafkaesque approach to health care. It’s really a Mad Max style survival of the fittest (or richest?) system where some sick and injured Americans refuse to go to the hospital because of the bills they’ll pile up whether they’re insured or not. There is a real chance that you will overpayment for your stayintentionally or not, too.

Opponents of free medicine tend to shout something about socialism and communism without looking across the ocean at what is happening in Europe or, closer to their own borders, in Canada and Mexico.

You shouldn’t go into debt because you called an ambulance to fix your broken leg, that’s all we’re saying. Dr. Andrew Carroll, CEO and Medical Director of Atembis LLC and Family Physician, recently explained KristenBellTattoos.com what to do if someone feels overpaid in a hospital, be it private or public.

“If this is a private practice doctor, it would be a good idea to discuss this with the billing staff or with the doctor himself. We have a vested interest in keeping our patients happy and hope they continue to see us,” a doctor in Arizona told us.

“We do perform a lot of services during a visit, and some of them are paid for with separate codes, and some of them are not. If you think you have been billed fraudulently, always tell the billing doctor first. This makes it easier to solve this problem,” he said.

However, if you happen to go to a public hospital for treatment or surgery, things can get a lot more complicated.

“Call the hospital’s billing department and ask them to explain what billing is and if they’re willing to adjust or cancel billing, especially if you think it was a service that wasn’t actually being delivered,” said Dr. Carroll.

“If that doesn’t help, call your insurance company to dispute the services because your insurance company doesn’t want to pay this bill either. Finally, if you believe you have been billed fraudulently and have not received help from the hospital or insurance company, you can call a lawyer to help you. Medicare also has a fraudulent billing hotline that you can use if you don’t get help,” he said.

With over 46,000 people following the “Wow, that’s STRONGLY American” Facebook page, we can see the appeal of being a longtime fan. The social media project makes no apologies for documenting most American things. It’s a razor-sharp social comment packaged in memes. And from what we understand, some Facebook users actually get offended by the satire and take things way too seriously. (All this serious stress can’t be healthy.)

People who take offense at overt satire and sarcasm are probably in the same facepalming category as people who clap their hands when a plane lands. But poking fun at the latter are just low-hanging fruits, so we won’t poke fun at them. Also, clapping on an airplane is not only an American thing, it’s an international snuggle and something that brings together quite a few different cultures.

Polarization in the US is a huge problem because it reduces the chances of cooperation despite political differences when it comes to issues that affect the entire country. Actually, study published The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace found that no established democracy in recent history has been as deeply polarized as the United States.

The Atlantic draws attention to the fact that a few decades ago, Democrats and Republicans got along well; they didn’t “hate” each other as they do now. However, at present, members of the two parties tend to believe that each of its policies threatens the future of the country.

The Pew Research Center found that in the run-up to the 2020 presidential election, 9 out of 10 supporters of either Joe Biden or Donald Trump believed that an opponent’s victory would cause “permanent harm” to the entire nation. In short, there is less unity, and more Americans are biting each other’s throats over what they see as fundamental, insurmountable differences in values ​​and goals. And it will take more than a list of funny memes about American culture to bridge that gap…but humor is as good a first step as any.

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