144 of the hardest puzzles that are so fun to start but so hard to finish

What is it about humans that makes us love to take on a challenge at our leisure? Like, instead of lying on our backs staring at the ceiling on a rainy day, we choose to do something that scares our brains? You know, like grabbing a carton of pieces from the world’s hardest puzzle, putting them all together, and challenging yourself. When you think about it, it seems a bit strange, right? Well, weird or not, we share a passion for creating the hardest puzzles, and here’s our list of some of the coolest jigsaw puzzles that you’ll have a hard time putting together yet have a great time. .

As you’re about to see, these jigsaws aren’t just difficult because of their odd pieces. They are also difficult because of the images they show. For example, take a jigsaw puzzle that depicts interlocking lines. Like a million of them! Or brainteaser puzzle where you have to collect a beautiful picture of very attractive fried beans. Now that’s really something!

So, get ready and scroll down to check out our submissions on the toughest puzzle title ever! Have you collected any of these? If so, let us know in the comments! And hopefully, you’ll still find some new and cool puzzles to torture your brain with.

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