144 Times People Mastered the Art of Knitting and Shared Their Creations Online (New Photos)

Rabin argues that the process and products of weaving can “become the outward expression of attitudes, emotions, and desires, long before they are expressed in words.” Simply put, it’s easier to come face-to-face with what we hold inside when we’re working on a creative project, which requires us to work with someone who has Together we argue the most.

“I have experienced and described knitting as a performance art, an active lover, and an expression of strongly held values,” says Rubin, describing the craft. A means of understanding the world. “Reflecting on my adventures with yarn and needles, it feels like I’m weaving my life into a cohesive fabric,” she continues.


“When we knit, we make a row of loops and then another row of loops over them and continue until we have a finished garment. When we live, we Wraps together the relationships, moments, activities of our lives. Piling them on top of each other, making links, sometimes making sudden turns. Starting anew, and then sewing it onto the part that is ours. The pass was already there, we continue to the end.”

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