15 of the cutest celebrity couple moments of 2021

The best part of 2021 = Tom Holland becoming Instagram’s Zendaya Stan account.


When rihanna And A$AP Rocky Shown ~Late in Fashion~ for this year mate throat And were clearly smitten with each other the whole time.

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@blakelively / Via Instagram: @blakelively

In his Instagram story, Blake wrote, “If this place weren’t there. We wouldn’t be together. No joke. No restaurant means more to us.” You can read more about their date Here,


When tom holland can’t help but fangirl over Zendaya and her much-awaited Fashion Icon Award win, instagram To say, “Don’t stop it . An incredible achievement for the most incredible person.”


When Zendaya and Tom share How Their Height Difference Made Zendaya Really Grab Tom Spider-Man: No Way Home...and then recreated the breathtaking view for our viewing pleasure.


When Sarah Paulson share This lovely, heartfelt message for your partner, holland taylor, on his 78th birthday, saying, “You’re so simple – everything to me. Here looking at you, baby. Today. Tomorrow. Always.”


When Ariana Grande and dalton gomez tied the knot This summer with a “small and intimate” ceremony that was breathtaking, “happy and full of love”.


When Joe Jonas share This lovely tribute to his wife – Sophie Turner — on their second wedding anniversary, calling it the “best of two years ever” [his] life.”


And when Sophie light-heartedly roasted Taylor Swift by sharing a song about her beloved husband fearless (Taylor’s version) on his Instagram.

@sofiet / Via Instagram: @sofit

Is it really true love if you don’t fry each other all the time?


When Katy Perry shared this video of Orlando Bloom To celebrate their first Father’s Day together, calling them “therapists” [her] heart and giver [her] the greatest gift.”

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When Kristen Stewart Howard Stern that she wants to rock her wedding, just to make her fiancée Dylan Meyer laugh.


When Meghan Trainor And Daryl Sabara Told us all what true love looks like (true love = using the potty next to your partner).

To clear things up… we pooped together once and we laughed and said never again… but he’ll hang out with me if I’m our soulmates. And when I am away from him I miss him. and we pee together

Twitter: @Meghan_Trainor

A couple that defecates together stays together! She shared a tiktok Toilets together, too, if you’re curious.


When Jodie Foster All comfy on the couch with his wife — Alexandra Hedison — and pup accepted the Golden Globe Awards, making it the cutest, healthiest Thanksgiving speech possible.

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When Taylor Lautner share These shocking pictures when he raised the question saying, “And just like that, all my wishes came true.”

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