152 People Who Took Their Kids’ Halloween Costumes To Another Level

Halloween is a big holiday in North America, but not so much in other parts of the world, although it is gaining popularity. You can’t deny that this is a happy time for adults who decorate their homes, eat everything with pumpkin spices and make jacks and lanterns.

But it is probably the most entertaining for young children because parents take care of their children’s health and do not allow them to eat more candy, but Halloween is an occasion when children are encouraged to go from house to house asking for candy. Goes Not only that, they can dress up as their favorite characters from cartoons, movies and much more, pulling on their boring everyday clothes for a day. Some of the costumes that children make are quite complex and it is always interesting to see what they want to look like.

Kids and parents can come up with really creative ways to get ready for Halloween. They actually put a lot of effort into the costumes, design them and then make them themselves. It is not always the case that you get the exact outfit your child wants because he or she can get involved in odd things.

In this list you will find children dressing up as characters in various movies that are not for children, such as horror movies, also with animal costumes and video game characters. His imagination was really limitless.

If we look at some statistics, we will find that in 2019, before the outbreak of the epidemic, Americans spent only 2 3.2 billion on clothing alone, which is equivalent to about 31 31.31 per person. National Retail Federation (NRF) and their total spending on apparel, candy and decorations reached 8 8.8 billion in 2019. This year, they are expected to spend even more, ڈالر 10.1 billion.

According to the NRF survey, about 65% of Americans plan to celebrate Halloween, and that’s about 2114 million people. Not surprisingly, the largest age group to celebrate is 18 to 44, but interestingly, 67 percent of people aged 45 to 64 and 40 percent of those over 65 also responded. Given that they are going to celebrate.

In modern times, Halloween has clearly become very commercialized, but it is not that this tradition has not come from anywhere. Obviously, kids just love to dress up and Halloween is a great opportunity to be what they want to be.

But according to the online magazine. HistoryDressing has its roots in the Celtic festival of Samahin, which began to be celebrated 2,000 years ago. During the festival, which will take place at the end of October, when the harvest season is over, people will light fires and get dressed because they thought the dark weather was full of ghosts who needed to disguise themselves.

If you think this list is not enough to satisfy your Halloween content, Bor Panda has a lot more to look forward to. If you are interested in pet clothing, you can take a look at it. Post And if you want inspiration for what you want to wear this year. topic You will see some next level creativity.

But what do you think of these children’s costumes? Will you try to recreate any of them? What do you think would be a good idea to get dressed because it wasn’t on that list? Let us know what you think and don’t forget to vote for the most creative outfits you can think of.

Big eyes, little effort.  If you are looking for a simple 5 minute dress then this is for you.

Your weird fantasy decides whether it should be a 100-eyed monster, a cute stranger or a crazy ghost.

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