16-year-old stepson intentionally watering his stepfather’s plants with bleach, stepfather cancels their family trip to teach him a lesson

Having a hobby is a great way to know that you will never get bored. Plus, doing what you love improves your quality of life and even has some scientific evidence that it lowers your risk of developing cognitive loss.

While focusing on your career and study is always beneficial, it’s more important to connect yourself to things that you know will relax you and disconnect you a little from the world when you really need to. It’s also beneficial to be busy, especially now that the world is paused and most of us are struggling with anxiety and bad moods.

This gardening enthusiast also has a favorite hobby. However, not long ago, he took him to one of the Reddit communities to share the story of how his adopted teenage child, who loves to joke, managed to cross all boundaries and deliberately destroy something that the man deeply cared about.

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If you ask your child to remove an embarrassing video, be careful, they can ruin your plant collection.

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This is the story of a Reddit user who is constantly waging a playful “war” with his teenage stepson. The post received over 31,000 votes and nearly 4,000 comments in which people discussed the young man’s unforgivable behavior.

The plant lover’s 16-year-old stepson deliberately watered the flowers with bleach.

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OP is a grower and loves collecting houseplants as he lacks space to take his hobby outside. He’s also the proud stepfather of a teenage boy who’s essentially been testing the OP with all sorts of pranks lately.

OP shared that pranks usually don’t concern him, as he understands that all children love to mess around, and jokes are usually harmless.

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The trouble began when the boy decided to pull off one of his jokes again. He thought it would be fun to record him splashing cold water on his sleeping stepfather and then post a video on Facebook where a bunch of people can witness his amazing joke.

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Naturally, the stepfather did not approve of such a joke and asked the boy to remove the video, as it was very awkward. The teen continued to persuade the OP to let him keep the video – in fact, his mom also joined the team and tried to convince the OP that it didn’t really matter and that he should let the boy keep a tape of his stunt.

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Putting an end to this conversation, the teenager suddenly became very affectionate and even asked his stepfather if he could help with his plants. The OP was delighted that his adopted child wanted to help, so he gave him a watering can and instructed the boy to start with the plants in the kitchen. The kid left for a few minutes, but then came back and finished watering the plants.

After a while, the OP started cleaning his tools when he immediately felt something strange. He realized it was bleach, and just to be sure, he went to smell the plants, and unfortunately they were giving off the same smell.

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When he went to confront his adopted child, he apparently continued to deny that he had anything to do with it, although the OP found a bottle of bleach in the teen’s room, which ultimately made him lose his temper. The guy then admitted that it was some kind of revenge for having forced him to delete the video where he splashes water on the operating room.

The man could not believe it, so he immediately canceled the family trip to the national park, which the little one had been waiting for. The teen began to cry and began to explain that it was a pure mistake and he just didn’t know what he was doing.

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The OP was absolutely sure that he did the right thing, as the boy deliberately decided to damage the plants out of revenge. However, his wife did not agree and was very worried about her son, who ate poorly after a quarrel, and was convinced that a simple apology would be enough.

The man replied that he was not going to change his mind and that such a punishment was quite reasonable, since the boy deliberately hurt him. The wife decided to add fuel to the fire and called him unreasonable and stubborn.

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The OP admitted that his stepson believes that he will always be forgiven if he admits it. But the stepfather thinks that the boy needs to finally learn a lesson, because he is no longer a small child, and this time the joke went overboard.

What do you think about this situation? Do you believe your stepfather had a very good reason to cancel the upcoming trip?

Colleagues online users supported the OP in his decision.

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