17 kids on TV and in films that really annoy us to the core

Maybe watching these characters in action contributes to this whole low fertility problem …

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Perhaps in our first post, we got information about the most serious criminals, but here are the little horrors they think we missed.


April Nardini from Gilmore girls


Rachel Ferrier from War of the Worlds

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“It still annoys me War of the Worlds… Dakota Fanning’s constant screeching made this film unacceptable for me to watch.

– Beckyc20

“Daughter in War of the Worlds it was really terrible. The actress played her part, but it was the role of an ugly little monster. “

– Richard m4b7ec8a09


Melo from The Legend of Korr

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“He wouldn’t be so bad if … he wasn’t the physical embodiment of toilet humor (seriously, fart flexing really knocked me out of the show).”

– Kevinrobert Wooley


Maddie Conrad from Nashville

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“I stopped looking Nashville because of Maddy’s character. So awful. “

– aimeenw421


Bella Swan from dust


Charlie Harding from Dead to me

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“He doesn’t spoil my show, but he’s such a nasty jerk and it annoys me how cool he thinks he is.”

– cj299


Theo Saville from A million little things

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“On the A million little things, Eddie’s son and (Queeeeen) Katherine (can’t bother finding his name) is the most annoying child image I’ve ever seen. They try to make him seem wise – beyond his years or something, but he’s just the WORST. Especially compared to the other boy on the show, Danny, who is a true ray of sunshine. “



Miley Stewart from Hanna Montana

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“Can we include Miley from Hanna Montana? There was a whole series about how she was angry that her grandmother drew attention to Jackson … and grandmother had to explain to her: “Honey, the whole world revolves around you literally every second of our lives, let me show your brother a little love.” . ‘ I mean, okay, Robbie is a terrible dad who encourages her spoiled attitude while neglecting Jackson, but still. Most of her problems could have been solved in two seconds (or even wouldn’t exist) if she hadn’t been such a whiny, wayward child. “

– Toulouse


Rory Gilmore from Gilmore girls

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“Rory Gilmore should be on this list! As a teenager in prep school, Rory Gilmore is basically my worst nightmare. normal friends on the show are shown to be superficial and shallow. The only girl who really focused on her career besides Rory was Paris, and she had to be bossy and try her best. Rory is a classic girl “not like other girls.”


“Rory is the WORST, and the Netflix show just confirmed it. She is a predictable by-product of a mommy is my best friend upbringing. Emily Gilmour, however, turned out to be a responsible, hardworking, creative daughter who made her own choices, so maybe she did something right? “



Justin Suarez from Unattractive Betty

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“Justin from Unattractive Betty really got on my nerves towards the end of the series, they basically turned a cute character to sympathize with into the worst camp stereotype. “

– life for sale81


Ben Gellar from Friends

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“This list is invalid because Ben is from Friends there is no.

I’m sure these other characters and actors have outgrown their premature, but it still seems just as annoying. “

– mimirsbody


Both children fromCleaning

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“I just reviewed Cleaning and both children are equally annoying. “

– padding

“I love this movie, but I can’t watch it anymore because the kids annoy me.”

– mayahazel


Peppa Pig from Peppa Pig

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“I’m surprised Peppa Pig wasn’t on [the list]… What a brat. “

—Christina Beana

“I hate Peppa Pig, she thinks that she is the best, constantly speaks down to her brother George, and sometimes even to her parents. I know she’s a fictional character, but she gets on my nerves. Every time my little one watches this, you hear me muttering from behind, haha. “



Mateo Villanueva from Jane the Virgin

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“How Mateo from Jane Virgo not on the list!? He was the most annoying kid ever. “



All Baker children (except Charlie) from Cheaper by the Dozen

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“Children in Cheaper by the Dozen… Tom, the father, turned down job offers because he didn’t want to upset his family, but when his dream job brings in a big paycheck and a new and bigger home, it’s an opportunity to become a little more wealthy through things like less. need to convey to me the falls. It’s clear that eleven children (the twelfth and oldest have since moved) are not happy and miss their old home, but they are making their father’s life a living hell. They destroy parts of the house, ignore grounding to go to a birthday party where they create more trouble, humiliate Nora’s boyfriend for being a guy (he’s more than a little self-absorbed, but this will be shown later) and tease Mark like that … a lot he runs away from home. They walk, talk and create contraceptive advertising problems! ” – jbmasta.

“How can someone grow up to be one of twelve children and be such a spoiled brat? Neither interfere nor sacrifice. Damn it, I was one of four, and I had household chores, and I understood that there was no point in whining about the fact that I was not getting my way. Seriously, half of the 11 children who still lived in this house were older than me when I was alone at home and my father hired nannies. It’s unfair to force older children to raise younger ones, but SAH’s mom left town for a couple of weeks. Deal with it and get down to business, or at least don’t be a destructive jerk. These films make me very angry. “

– benevolent spirit


Most of the children from Game of Thrones

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“Honestly surprised Joffrey, Ollie and Bran from Game of Thrones did not make it on this list. “



Jenny Humphrey from Gossip

Paramount Television / Via giphy.com

Jenny Humphrey is too old to count? She was 13-14 years old when Gossip started. So annoying. “

– chloebare


Who else would you add to the list?

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