17 most exciting Korean shows on Netflix

Get ready for some serious overeating.


squid game

But Johan | Netflix

Let’s start with the obvious, if you are one of the few remaining people on the planet who haven’t watched squid game nevertheless, it is not too late to hop aboard. It’s about a group of debt-ridden people who find themselves in a deadly game in which they compete to win millions at the risk of their lives. There’s a reason it’s become the most watched Netflix show of all time: it’s totally addictive, full of plot twists, stylized violence, black humor, and emotionally violent moments.



Jung Jegu | Netflix

Only six episodes, Hellish it is a short but intense trip through real hell, during which it is explored what happens to humanity in the most extreme conditions. When “angels” begin to appear and predict the time of death of people and condemn them to hell – predictions that turn out to be cruelly true – the world plunges into chaos.


Hotel Del Luna


A romantic and bizarre series about an immortal woman who runs a hotel serving ghosts heading into the afterlife, and a human man she tricked into working there. Either funny, now mysterious, now very sad, the series has magnificent costumes and sets, as well as a wonderful cast.


My name

Min Jihi | Netflix

What could be more exciting than a good revenge plot? My name tells the story of a young woman who wants revenge after the murder of her father. To achieve her goal, she teams up with an influential crime boss and, at his request, goes undercover to the police. It is full of activities that will keep you on your toes.


It’s okay to be out of order


A whimsical novel, similar to a dark modern fairy tale, about a troubled author of children’s books and an equally troubled caretaker who works in a psychiatric ward and also looks after his disabled brother. The exploration of the topics of mental health and the found family is ultimately quite gentle and sweet, and the stars have incredible chemistry.



Courtesy of Netflix

What do you get when the best high school student starts a life of crime to be able to pay for college? A completely goofy drama, of course. Like many of the best Korean shows, extracurricular balances violent moments with dark humor and is full of such tension that you have to remind yourself to unclench your fists.


Sweet home

Courtesy of Netflix

Post-apocalyptic fun in which a teenage boy living alone must team up with his neighbors to fight for survival while the people around him turn into monsters. The horror and action elements are strong, but what really drives you to keep watching is the setting and the characters.


Crash landing on you

Lim Hyosung / Netflix

The premise of this show is a little overdone, but once you get past that, it’s a soulful and heartbreaking romance that you’ll want to watch for hours on end. It follows a wealthy South Korean heiress and businesswoman who was caught in a tornado while paragliding and ended up crashing in North Korea, where she met and fell in love with a soldier. This is a disturbing love story, but there are many easier moments that will give you a break.




Police process with fantasy elements, Signal talks about a profiler who finds a walkie-talkie that allows him to communicate since 1989, and in particular a police officer who helps him and his colleague solve unsolved cases in exchange for their help in solving his “current” cases. As with all funny stories, there are many unintended consequences and many unexpected twists in their actions.


Romance is a bonus book

Kim Hobin / Netflix

A divorced woman in her thirties trying to get back to work is faking her qualifications to get a lower-level job at the publishing company where her best friend works. It looks a bit likeYounger, but better. It may not have action from other series, but this cute romantic comedy is addictive because you just want to spend time with these characters and their world – and get to the point where they finally confess their feelings and / or kiss.


Mr sunshine

Moon Hee / Netflix

The action takes place in the late 1800s and early 1900s, Mr sunshine tells the story of a poor Korean boy who flees to the United States and becomes an army officer. Returning home, he falls in love with an aristocrat and becomes involved in international intrigues and the struggle for independence. The show is visually stunning, with great script and performance.


Oh my ghost


Part bizarre romance, part murder mystery Oh my ghost about a shy chef, possessed by the spirit of a lustful ghost (yes, really) who falls in love with his boss. Check out this super weird love triangle that’s fun and sometimes heartbreaking. The subplot about what happened to the ghost and how she died is an additional exciting element.




This show is too long for a Korean drama – only two seasons of 32 episodes, but that’s a good thing because it’s a drama that you can’t get enough of. It’s about a prosecutor who loses empathy and social skills after surgery, who teams up with a police officer to solve a murder, leading them to uncover a corrupt conspiracy. This is a gripping series with a dense plot.


Because this is my first life


Another show for hopeless romantics, this drama is a classic fake date scene where two platonic roommates actually get married to save money (for plot reasons) and naturally begin to have feelings for each other. It’s a little weird, but very cute, and you will definitely send a basic pair.




If you like the history of the mafia, Vincenzo is required to view. We are talking about a Korean who, at a young age, is adopted by an Italian family and becomes an adviser to the mafia. After the assassination attempt, he flees to Korea, where he tries to reclaim his hidden fortune by fighting a corrupt corporation. The action is a wild ride and the quirky characters are tons of fun.



Johan No / Netflix

Do you like zombie shows? What about historical dramas? Why not both? This is exactly what kingdom is – Established during the Joseon Dynasty, it follows the crown prince who must deal with a political conspiracy as well as a mysterious plague that has swept the earth that seems to raise the dead. It’s a refreshing approach, skillfully combining different genre elements to create a compelling series.


Boys are more beautiful than flowers


Boys are more beautiful than flowers was released in 2009 and, frankly, is not particularly outdated, but it is still highly addictive. If you turn off your brain for a moment, it’s hard to resist this cool Korean drama about a poor girl being noticed by four rich boys, with one of them becoming obsessed with her. It’s kind of an all-consuming teenage love story that cringes at the same time you want more.

What dramas are you obsessed with?

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