17 reasons why you need to watch it

We would like to be friends with each participant Yellow jackets Cast.

Look, sometimes it’s hard to find a new show to watch because there are SO many. So, like two people who watch too much TV, we are here to tell you that Yellow jackets should be at the top of your list.

This show is now one of the most talked about TV shows as more and more people are discovering this gory but delightful series. In fact, Yellow jackets currently has 100% on Rotten tomatoes

So to celebrate Yellow jackets – and since we need more people to theorize – here are 17 reasons why this should be your next binge:


Yellow jackets follows the high school soccer team stuck in the northern wilderness after nearly being killed in a plane crash and forced to do whatever it takes (and we mean whatever takes) survive.

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Behind the scenes, the series was created by Ashley Lyle and Bart Nickerson, a team of writers who have worked on shows such as Narco, Narco: Mexico, and Originals

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The show’s soundtrack is also full of 90s hits with songs by Alanis Morissette, Smashing Pumpkins, Radiohead, Wilson Phillips, Hole and The Cranberries – it’s just impossible not to sing along.


The story switches between the 90s and today, that is, months after the plane crash and 25 years after they were rescued.

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Currently, the surviving Yellow Jackets are approaching a significant anniversary and are being blackmailed by someone who knows too much about what happened during those 19 months in the forest.


Casting then and now is so perfect that teenage characters look exactly like their adult counterparts, and even have the same mannerisms.


No, seriously, they look so perfect next to each other that they can be relatives in real life.


In terms of the cast, there are legendary actors like Christina Ricci, Melanie Lynskey, and Juliet Lewis among the adult actors, and as you might expect, their performance is phenomenal.


Plus, the teen cast is full of incredibly talented up-and-coming actors that you’ll seriously want to follow, not just in Yellow jackets but their future projects too.

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Sophie Nelisse, Jasmine Savoy Brown, Ella Pernell, Sophie Thatcher, Sammy Hanratty, Liv Hewson and Courtney Eaton are just a few of the amazing actors that make up the teen cast.


There’s also a great LGBTQ presence there as well, and amidst all this crowd in the wild, there’s a love story that you can’t help but root for to the end.

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Wang and Taissa’s romance is such a good and hopeful story in the midst of chaos, and Jasmine Savoy Brown and Liv Hewson have unrivaled chemistry.


There are so many exciting plot twists in each episode, so when you think you know how it will end, the show makes a total of 180 and makes you guess even more.


They say, seriously, no one was able to figure out anything, and the theories are so good that they will not let you sleep at night.

Yes, I’ve read your Adam theories, and for all of you to know, there is one that hasn’t been mentioned yet. I’m surprised, but not surprised either! Anyway new #Yellowjackets tomorrow at @Showtime https://t.co/nbXCj9Tp4R

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Despite being a drama, the series is so well written that its comedic moments are really funny and a good break from the total chaos.


The cinematography is so ~ beautifully disgusting ~ that even the bloodiest moments are breathtaking.

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We just … can’t look away! Plus, there were some incredible directors who applied their unique skills to the first season. It is truly a masterpiece in terms of directing, writing and acting.


Once again, it’s nice to see a harsh and honest series led by women, which features characters who are not afraid to be imperfect.

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* Lady Gaga’s voice * “I don’t believe in the glorification of murder, I believe in the empowerment of women.”


The series has already been renewed for a second season, so you don’t have to worry about many of your questions going unanswered.

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In fact Ashley Lyle and Bart Nickerson originally broken the series is a five-season arc, so there really is a well thought out plan for how the story will unfold.


And finally, if you’re still unsold, it’s mostly Lord of the flies meets with humor Dead to me and creepiness Blair Witch Project… Like, how can you refuse ?!

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