17 SNL Suit Parts You Didn’t Know For Around

After 40+ Years of Lightning-Fast Suit Changes SNL the wardrobe department learned a thing or two.

SNL characters are defined by their costumes: Andy Samberg and Justin Timberlake with gift boxes around the waist; Tom Hanks in a pumpkin blazer; Keenan Thompson in a lobster costume.


Jack Nicholson once said, “Just let the wardrobe play a role.” And, of course, the cast Saturday nightlife some of the funniest people around. But we already pay a lot of attention to the actors – what about the clothes they wear? SNL legendary with countless catch phrases and opening monologues, but the costumes make lot work.


30 Rockefeller Plaza has a whopping five wardrobes, not to mention off-site warehouses.


The main place for the costumes is called the “closet,” but it’s actually an entire room dedicated to every piece of clothing you can think of. There are not many photographs of him, but Coveter managed to get some of them. backstage access… The Brooklyn warehouse contains more complex items that don’t fit well with the rest (like a giant omelet costume).


Clients have less than 3 days to prepare.


That Saturday nightlife the writing process is famously lightning fast. Sketches are often rewritten until the last minute. Wouldn’t it be just a nightmare if you had to choose the outfits for these sketches? Dressers often get their sketches late on Wednesday nights, as costumes are ready just hours before the show starts on Saturday. If changes are made just before the cameras are turned on, the wardrobe department has to make choices in a split second to adapt.


It is believed that Will Ferrell changes his clothes the fastest.


Dresser Tom Broker claims that Will Ferrell is best at getting his suits on and off quickly. Every actor has a dresser to help them change, and Keith Shaw (dresser) said that the most important thing an actor can do when going through a wardrobe is to stay calm. The broker says that Ferrell is not embarrassed by anything, so it is easiest to dress him.


Customers have developed several clever tricks to quickly create a unique fabric.


Full SNL sketches include streetwear or business casual wear. They can be easily made as the wardrobe department stores almost everything it uses. But there are many crooked balls thrown in his way. When Black Panther the parody required some fancy embroidery, buyers found a shortcut. They scanned images of the original clothing and printed them on real fabric. One step closer to printing clothes at home.


The Amazonian outfit Gal Gadot flew halfway across the world to do the show.

Saturday nightlife

Saturday nightlife has five rooms in Rockefeller Plaza, 30 for wardrobe only, and what they can’t recycle they do from scratch or buy online. But SNL buyers also won’t settle for anything less than the best. So when they were unable to create an Amazonian outfit for Gal Gadot, they flew to New York … from Australia. It went from Perth to Sydney, Los Angeles and finally New York.


The lady of the costume once ran, carrying Jennifer Lopez on her back so she could change in time.

Photo by Dana Edelson / NBCU Photo Bank / NBCUniversal via Getty Images via Getty Images

Donna Richards – Head Dresser SNLwhich means she has one of the most stressful jobs in the entire wardrobe. The presenter is often in the first draft after the opening monologue, so they have to be changed as soon as the lights go out. When Donna Richards saw that Jennifer Lopez was wearing high heels and could not run, she put J.Lo on her back and ran to the locker room.


When parcels could not be delivered during a blizzard, dresser Dale Richards stayed up all night to sew Sarah Palin’s beaded shirt for Tina Fey.


Why? Tom Broker, Richards’ colleague SNL, there is a great answer to the question why they care so much about the wardrobe:

“I love being a costume designer because it brings everything together in one job – you have to know fashion, psychology, anthropology, sociology and art, and you have to know color theories and what happens to the script; how you can enhance or interpret or help tell the story with a costume Working with such wonderful actors and talent is really inspiring: working with the actor and the text and helping them create [a character] through cooperation ”.Tom Broker

According to Richards, Fey played Palin in a completely different way during rehearsals before she had a beaded shirt on. Once she did, the outfit changed her character.


Bette Davis was the inspiration for Adie Bryant’s glamorous chicken character (but not chicken).

NBC, John Kobal Foundation / Getty Images

Imagine receiving a scenario in which Ryan Gosling’s character falls in love with a chicken. It’s a joke that this is a regular chicken and Gosling is crazy? Or maybe there’s something overwhelming about this damn chicken. When customers are in SNL After receiving this script, they chose the second option, using Bette Davis’ bangs, scarf and sunglasses as a model.


Cheap? Outrageously expensive? It doesn’t matter as long as it matches the sketch.

Fred Hermanski / NBC / NBCU Photo Bank / Via Getty Images

Until the Internet moved most of the online shopping experience, shops and boutiques around New York City were the primary source for many purchases. SNL outfits. Now they come from all over the world, and SNL even has relationships with some of the Etsy shop owners. But whether from a thrift store or a high-end store, SNL will get that perfect item regardless of the price.


Head dresser Tom Broker can mentally walk through the shops in an instant to come up with wardrobe ideas.

Will Heath / NBC

Sherlock Holmes has a mind palace and Tom Broker has a mind boutique:

“My favorite pastime is to memorize each store so that deep down I can close my eyes, walk around the store and say,“ Okay, if I’m in Sachs, I’m in fourth. ” floor, I get off the elevator and the first thing I see is Michael Kors. And in the Michael Kors area this is this, this and this. Okay, go right. [First Lady Melania Trump] wore this white Michael Kors garment, so let’s get it. ” This is what concerns SNL: It makes you think very quickly. “-Tom Broker


Even SNL the wardrobe department is grappling with how unstable politicians are.


There is a common theme among clients in SNL, that is, dressing women is more fun. While current clothing trends are much more fluid (just look at Kid Kadi SNL equipment), sometimes the costumes are linked by the person they parody. For example, politicians often wear ties so old that the wardrobe department has to buy special fabric just to recreate outdated patterns.


When SNL makes fun of a real person, they usually downplay the importance of the wardrobe.


According to Tom Broker of fachionist interview:

“You don’t want to carry on with the costume, because then the performance will be hidden. The whole idea is that you are not making fun of satire, so you are allowing comedy to emerge. costume.”


The host always has the fastest and most frequent changes.


Being the master Saturday nightlife usually means that you participate in most sketches. This means that you don’t always have time to change while some other sketch is being executed. So if you ever see a presenter out of breath or wearing an unsuitable wig, he probably stood in front of the camera just a few seconds before riding.


The costume department once used The newspaper “New York Times analyzing Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ outfits to influence her portrayal on the show.

Photobank Nbc / NBCU / NBCUniversal via Getty Images


The fastest host change was Justin Timberlake in 10 seconds.


Donna Richards – the legend who wore J-Lo on her back because she was wearing heels – never misses. When Justin Timberlake was in the parody right after his opening monologue, he had to get rid of the suit and strap it to a giant foam soup bowl in about fifteen seconds. With the help of a tear-off garment and Donna Richards nearly knocking the operator off his feet, Timberlake was ready to go in just 10 seconds.


They tried several Will Ferrell T-shirts in the bell scene before settling on one that cost just the right amount.


Believe it or not, there was almost a version of the iconic bell parody in which Will Ferrell wears a shirt that really fits. How sad this world would be. But customers know when to do it in style and when it’s funny, so they gave Ferrell a cropped top for the ages.


The Royal Wedding parody was reportedly one of the most sophisticated parodies ever produced. SNL Wardrobe department.


A lot of time and effort goes into designing, creating, fitting and ultimately flaunting the types of attire for a royal wedding. That SNL clients had to recreate the same whimsical images. Remember when I said they usually have three days? For a parody of the royal wedding, they couldn’t start until Saturday morning… Not surprising SNL The Dressing Group has been nominated for 11 Emmy Awards.

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