17-year-old learned that his mother and step-dad bought the house with money inherited from his father, and later exposed the man in the presence of his family

While there are many things that have the potential and power to do so, inheritance is probably one of the most infamous things that brings out the worst in people.

In the end, money causes a lot in a person: everything from greed to pride and envy … almost the whole rainbow of sins and something else.

So you can guess what’s next like this Am I a hole? the story is just that, the story of inheritance and what looks like greed in disguise.

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Inheritance is perhaps one of the most infamous things that brings out the worst in people.

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So, meet u/reddit_randomuser, a 17 year old who lost his father 2 years ago and now lives with his mother and stepfather. It turns out that he is also going to receive an inheritance when he turns 18.

However, once the whole family, having lived in a 3-room apartment, decided to move to a new house, which was a whole huge house. It seemed a bit odd to the OP since his mother is a part time administrator and his stepfather is a substitute teacher. How could they afford a house at that moment?

Well, Randowser once noticed the guilty look on his mom’s face too, and she finally admitted that she actually used the inheritance fund, which by the way was completely OP, and used it to buy the house they live in.

And the recent story of a 17-year-old beneficiary whose fortune is being spent against his will illustrates this perfectly.

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Needless to say, the OP was not thrilled about this. The parents did try to make the excuse that the house was for him, but he asked if they would move when he turned 18, and the answer was no. Hell, they didn’t even consult him about it, they just used the money and ended the discussion. So it’s all just for them, not for him.

But this is the context. The last straw was Saturday, when the OP was going to work in the morning. Some of the stepdad’s family was visiting and they stayed until morning, so the stepdad comes into the kitchen where OP is making breakfast and asks if he’s going to make it for everyone.

Randowser couldn’t cook for everyone without being late for work, to which dad replied that it was okay if he was late for work – the family does not visit every day, so it is justified.

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The conversation went back and forth, and the situation escalated to such an extent that the father actually said: “Don’t you dare talk to me like that in my house.” You can see the return brewing.

OP said it’s technical his the house as it was purchased from his Money. Keep in mind that there is no door in the kitchen, so the visiting family members could hear everything. And now mom is waiting for him to apologize, because it apparently embarrassed them, and everyone had something to say about it when the OP left for work.

When he returned, the family was no longer around, but the problem still remained, as there was still a lot of tension in the air: his mother demanded that he apologize, and his stepfather did not even talk to him. And the OP doesn’t feel like he has anything to apologize for here, but given the situation, he still reached out to the AITA community for some perspective.

The AITA community responded in unison, stating that the OP is no jerk and should seek legal advice.

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So, one thing you need to know about the community is that it can be violent, but they are still the voice of reason, like a collective mind, that will sense the brevity of the situation and act accordingly. And this they did.

Everyone was of the opinion that the OP was right to do what he did, and the vast majority of people also suggested getting legal advice and help from someone who could do justice to the situation. But no matter what he did, he was advised not to cause any more trouble, just to lay low with his emotions and reactions, so as not to complicate the matter, as it could quickly turn against him.

The Good-Guy AITA community also gave the OP a ton of Reddit karma in the form of 20,700 votes and just over 20 Reddit awards.

You can check out the post and all the reactions to it on Reddit. here, and you can also view all of the other Am I The A-Hole stories we’ve covered in the past here. But please give your opinion on who is right, who is wrong, or what the next best step would be here in the comment section below!

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