17-year-old man shames his mean stepdad for not buying his mom a birthday present, the man is upset that his wife didn’t say anything in his favor

Where is the fine line between frugality and stinginess? Between a rational owner who does not allow unnecessary spending, and a callous miser who not only pinches every penny, but also tries to accustom everyone around him to this? It turns out that everything depends very much on how people perceive such a person.

In fact, thrift in itself is not bad—and in a world full of surprises, it can even help in difficult cases. But when it develops into manic suspicion and any spending is called “waste” – it’s more like a nervous breakdown. Especially when stinginess begins to affect loved ones.

BUT popular topic on the AITA Reddit community just started with a post by a woman living with a similar person. To date, the original post has received over 15,300 votes and 1,300 different comments. Mostly sympathizers – after all, the situation turned out to be rather ugly. However, let’s start from the beginning.

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The husband of the original poster developed a great relationship with her son, although he was a rather mean person.

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So, the original poster has been married to a man named Jeremy for 9 years, and Chris, her son from her first marriage, recently turned 17. Admittedly, the stepfather had a great relationship with his stepson, although the OP’s husband had some strange character traits .

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Jeremy also tried to teach his wife and stepson how to save every penny.

For example, he was always extremely frugal and tried to save literally every penny. According to the OP himself, if he retired today, his accumulated savings would be enough for the rest of his life. But Jeremy continued not only to save money, but also tried to accustom his wife and her son to this.

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OP’s husband gave her only practical gifts, nothing romantic or memorable.

The other problem the OP had to face was a logical consequence of the first one. Jeremy was an extremely practical person and despite loving OP, he clearly couldn’t figure out that she was a romantic character; she loved not only useful gifts, but also pretty trinkets, memorabilia that did not carry any use.

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Jeremy always gave her only really useful things. No romance. This annoyed the OP a little at first, but she got used to it over the years. And now the time of her next birthday was approaching, until which there were two weeks left. I must say that Chris, her son, has already graduated from high school and decided not to go to college yet, but instead to work for some time.

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Chris gave his mom a very nice present for her upcoming birthday.

The teenager worked two jobs at once and often hung out with friends who worked alongside him. One day, he and three of his buddies came to OP’s house, and Chris gave his mom his birthday present. It was a beautiful piece of wall with photo frames and built-in shelves.

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Jeremy tried to chastise his stepson for being extravagant, but got an angry rebuff

The OP was delighted, which cannot be said about her husband. Jeremy stated that such a thing is probably worth a lot of money, and that Chris should have saved the money, and not scattered it right and left. To this, the OP’s son replied quite sharply that, firstly, Jeremy doesn’t care what he spends his money on, and secondly, he made this gift with his friends with his own hands without spending a single cent.

Finally, Jeremy should think about the fact that in all his life he never gave his wife anything really beautiful and memorable. The husband was very upset; he waited for the OP to say something, but she said nothing. Then Jeremy just shook his head and left.

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During a face-to-face conversation, OP told her husband that Chris was absolutely right.

In the evening, he asked his wife why she allowed her son to embarrass him in front of other people, instead of correcting Chris during his speech. To this, the OP retorted that her son was absolutely right, which further upset her husband.

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People in the comments were not only supportive of the OP, but they also said that she raised a really wonderful son.

Now I must say that the vast majority of commentators massively supported the OP, congratulating her on the fact that she raised not only a loving and respectful son, but also a real master who can make a really beautiful craft with her own hands.

As for Jeremy’s behavior, almost all the people in the comments were in complete solidarity with Chris and his mother – he really does not care what the teenager spent money on, and her husband’s excessive thrift does not look very nice. According to one of the commenters, if they were the OP, they would have been upset about this a long time ago.

By the way, what do you think about this situation? Perhaps you, too, found yourself face to face with a similar problem, and then your comment will be doubly valuable. In any case, comments are not money to skimp on.

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