176 photos showing the beauty of Norwegian forest cats

If you’ve ever met a cat that’s faster and closer in size to a small breed dog, it’s probably your first encounter with a Norwegian Forest Cat. Also called skogkatt (Wildcat) In Norway, these long-haired beauties have quite a history. Some historians believe they were brought to Norway by traveling traders, while others say it was the Vikings themselves who brought them home from their travels. But whatever their origin story, Norwegian forest cats adapted perfectly to their new environment and thrived for centuries.

Interestingly, this species was not created artificially by human manipulation. When their ancestors were first introduced to the harsh climate of Norway, wild cats began to evolve into the beautiful animals we know. today, skogkatts They are expert climbers and even like fishing in ponds or other bodies of water, unlike most cat breeds that hate getting wet.


Norse mythology contains numerous references to fairy cats – giant cats that could climb mountains and pull the chariot of the goddess Freya. It is also very possible that the ancestors of forest cats served as ship cats, taking care of insect infestations. One could say that sea life made them true Viking cats.

A modern Norwegian cat prefers to stay indoors most of the time and likes to sleep on thick carpets or sofas, although you can see that unmistakable adventure in their eyes. And although the Norwegian Forest Cat’s size may suggest otherwise, they are actually very friendly and affectionate animals that get along well with family members and other pets.

In this article, we have collected pictures of Norwegian forest cats so that you can appreciate their unparalleled beauty.

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