18 reasons Jay Ellis is the best

We need to address how the Lord blessed this earth with one of the sexiest men on television, Mr. Wendell Ramon “Jay” Ellis Jr.

I’ve been on Jay Ellis’s team since day one. Let me give you all the reasons why he should be everyone’s soul mate. You deserve it.


Jay Ellis was a model, and if you can’t tell, look at this man wearing clothes like they weren’t meant for anyone else. Lord have mercy.

RB / Getty Images

He walks around looking like a lovely Gray Poupon Dijon bottle mustard.


It’s a little weird, but it’s pure comedy. Who doesn’t like a moron who can make you laugh?


This person is a true photographer striving for beauty and perfection.


Our boy Jay was a marksman, marksman, twenty-inch blade on the Impala. Almost.


His daughter Nora Grace is the perfect baby angel, and Jay Ellis is one hundred percent dad. Play on words.


He is in love, in love, and his beautiful partner Nina Senichar is an impeccable creature that should be on the cover of every magazine.

Daniele Venturelli / Getty Images for amfAR

He keeps his relationship very low-key and I can understand why. Your partner is a priceless gem, Jay.


Remember how everyone was beautiful in The game (2006)? Yes, Jay Ellis was there and he didn’t go unnoticed.

Game / CBS

I wish I was a glass of daytime liquor, this person has no right to drink.


You cannot go against Lawrence’s hive if you have no desire to die. We don’t play games.

Lawrence may have started on the couch, but he made the FULL 180 as a new father and businessman. #LawrenceHive, you should all be proud 🥺 👏🏾 #InsecureHBO

Insecure / HBO / via Twitter: @insecurehbo

That #lawrencehive here he acts like a madman because of Lawrence, as if he is some kind of hero to all mediocre and trifling people. I don’t think we’re in the hive for the same reasons. If Lawrence is a bee, then I’m honey. 🥵😘


He has a body-odiya-odiya-odiya. Instagram has to pay this person royalties for the blessings they drop on our feed every day.


His relationship with co-stars is that of his best friend onscreen and offscreen. They really like each other and this is the cutest thing in the world.

He’s a social media troll, but like a sexy troll with multi-colored hair and a jeweled belly button.


Jay Ellis returns to the streets. He supports the community and looks after the less fortunate.

Ernesto S. Roussio / Getty Images for Campari

He collaborates with the presenter HIV AIDS research organization, amphar … Not to mention, in 2021, he handed out scholarships of $ 10,000 at CommonScholarshipApp.


He knows his story and understands that the only way to know where you are going is to find out where you came from.


He is the star of the upcoming movie Top Shooter: Maverick (2021) alongside the one and only Tom Cruise, and if you don’t think this is a fast track to becoming the hottest man in the world, get your head out of the clouds.

Skydance Media / Paramount Pictures / Via Youtube

As Meg Ryan said in Best shooter (1986), “Take me to bed or lose me forever.”

Jay Ellis is so stupid. I feel like I can’t take him anywhere. 😅

There is no vaccine in the world that could cure me of my craving for this person.


He’s a natural talent with crazy acting. Hear this candid conversation with Issa Rae about his journey into the industry.

Watch this video on YouTube

Sip with Issa Rae / Issa Rae Productions / Via youtube.com


Someone gave him a slap in the face because of his character on Unreliableand he was a great sport about it.


He’s 40, but, my God, he doesn’t look even a day older than 25. He’s aged like a full-bodied, strong Cabaret Sauvignon. Pour me a glass. I am thirsty.

Thank you world for giving us Mr. Wendell Ramon “Jay” Ellis Jr. We can’t wait to see what happens next.

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