18-year-old cousins ​​continue to ignore 16-year-old daughter’s privacy, so dad sets locks in her room and upsets both wife and her brother

It may sound selfish, but people are reluctant to share their things with others. There are people who do not care if someone takes their things, but usually no one is happy that others take their things without their permission. It doesn’t matter if you are a child or an adult, whether you paid for the things yourself or got them for free.

The father on Reddit considers it normal to want to keep things for himself, so he bought his daughter a castle, as her cousins, who temporarily live in the house, constantly took her things without her permission. But this led to the fact that the family was divided and did not talk to each other, so the father wants to know if he should not do something.

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The father is upset after a family quarrel he had when he put a castle in his daughter’s room so that her cousins ​​could no longer take her things.

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The original poster (OP) lives with his wife and 16-year-old daughter in Quebec, Canada. A couple of months ago, his BIL Sammy divorced his wife and was kicked out of the house along with his 18-year-old twin daughters. It seems that Sammy’s parents did not want to take him, but his sister accepted him into her family home.

Redditor OnlyInQuebec says his daughter isn’t close to her cousins, but they get along; however, there was a huge problem. It turns out that the older cousins ​​have absolutely no respect for the privacy of the operative’s daughter Zoe and use all of her things without asking first.

OP is now living with his wife, daughter, his BIL and nieces as there was a divorce and they had nowhere to go.

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They take her cosmetics, phone accessories, clothes, laptop and other things. Zoe complained to her parents, but only her dad thought it was wrong. Mom and Sammy believed that girls always share things with each other, so there is nothing to worry about.

Her father’s heart broke when one day the behavior of her cousins ​​made Zoe burst into tears. The OP said his daughter was saving up money and bought a $ 60 MAC eyeshadow palette. One of the cousins ​​used it and messed it up. Zoe found him on her bed, and some of the redditors said it might have been done on purpose to tease the girl.

The problem is that OP’s nieces, cousins ​​of his daughter, constantly use her things without asking and even spoil them.

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The teenager felt so insecure about her things after that that she kept the most valuable in her friend’s house, and when dad found out about this, he made Zoe a lock for her room.
Sammy was even offended when he found out why they put the lock. He said that his daughters are not thieves and they just steal things from each other, because it happens to girls. He also shamed Zoe’s parents for letting her wear makeup and thought it was wrong for her to want to look older.

So the OP thought it was a good idea to put a padlock on his daughter’s door, but in fact it offended BIL.

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Worst of all, even his wife, the teen’s mom, was not on their side, and their argument was that girls always share things.

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The teen’s mom, OP’s wife, actually sided with his brother. She thought that putting a lock on the door would make it harder for the cousins ​​to spend time together, and now that the girls live with them, they should be treated like daughters.

Dad did not back down and promised to remove the lock only when BIL’s family left. This upset his wife as she thought he was hinting that they should kick Sammy and her daughters out, which would anger her family at OP. Which is funny, since they took Sammy into their house precisely because the wife’s parents refused to allow their son and granddaughters to stay with them for a while.

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OP is not going to release the lock while BIL and his daughters live under the same roof because he saw how upset his daughter was.

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This created a lot of tension in the house, because no one spoke to the father and Zoe. The OP wrote in the comments that his daughter feels that she is doing something wrong, when in fact she has suffered from her cousins.

The comments really supported the father and reassured him that he did exactly what needed to be done in the given situation and that his daughter probably felt very grateful even if she didn’t say anything.

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Now the family doesn’t speak to OP and his daughter, so he asks if he overreacted by putting a lock on the door.

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Do you think that Zoe and her dad were overreacting and there was no need to offend a family that recently went through a tough time? Or do you sympathize with the teenager and would buy her a castle too if you were her parent? Let us know your reactions in the comments!

People in the comments did not think so, saw the cousins ​​as thieves and thanked the OP for their caring father.

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