180 Short and Interesting Facts You Might Not Have Heard Before

Hello, curious people, this is your captain, KristenBellTattoos.com speaking. Welcome to our crazy fun facts, where we discuss things that are hard to believe but are absolutely true! We’re glad to see you here, and to trust us to take you on a journey of incredible facts.

Jokes aside, this is our list dedicated to various crazy facts. One might even call it hubris of trivialities. And no matter what areas interest you most – animals, nature, chemistry, or life – there is sure to be a mind-blowing reality for each of you. The most important fact here is that they are highly likely to satisfy your curiosity and need to learn something new and unexpected every day. You can very well trust this list of fun trivia to live up to its name! And oh boy, the stories behind these interesting facts, especially those related to real-life events, should all be worthy of a movie, which we hope to see one day.

So, let your curiosity pique and read these interesting facts that we have collected from the nooks and crannies of the internet. They are, as usual, a little further down. Once you’re there, be sure to vote for the incredible fact that truly blew you away. Thus, it will reach the top of the list! Once this is all out of the list, share this article with your friends, as we are sure they will also want to read these interesting interesting facts.

Marie Curie is the only person to win the Nobel Prize in two different sciences.

nobelprize.org Reports

Detroit’s undercover cops once battled another group of undercover cops in a drug ring.

snopes.com Reports

A 70-year-old woman once completed seven marathons in seven days across seven continents.

edition.cnn.com Reports

The mysterious disappearance of the Bermuda Triangle is no more likely than anywhere else.

independent.co.uk Reports

You lose up to 30 percent of your taste buds while flying.

bbc.com Reports

A wood frog can hold its urine for up to eight months.

phys.org Reports

Tree shrews are the only mammals other than humans known to deliberately seek out spicy foods.

ncbi.nlm.nih.gov Reports

Plastic Easter eggs and plastic Easter grass were invented by a man who held more patents than Thomas Edison.

smithsonianmag.com Reports

Creedence Clearwater Revival has the most No. 2 Billboard hits — without ever hitting No. 1.

slate.com Reports

The world wastes about 1 billion metric tons of food every year.

unep.org Reports

The severed head of a sea slug can grow a whole new body.

cell.com Reports

The sense of loss within the property is known as mortgage transfer.

psmag.com Reports

“E” is the most common letter and appears in 11 percent of all English words.

lexico.com Reports

There may be 2,000 active serial killers in the United States at this time.

bustle.com Reports

The man who founded Atari also started Chuck E. Cheese.

npr.org Reports

The total weight of ants on earth was once equal to the total weight of people.

bbc.com Reports

A dozen bodies were once found in Benjamin Franklin’s basement.

pbs.org Reports

Blue Ivy Carter is the youngest person ever to appear on the Billboard charts.

people.com Reports

There is a world record — and a happy ending — for the longest distance traveled in a car crash.

nbcnews.com Reports

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