1883 Fans puzzle over this detail of Elsa Dutton

“Please correct me if I’m missing something, but as far as I can tell her, [Elsa] the age doesn’t match the background of the rest of the series”, u/LeanMeanGreenBean88 claimed in the “1883” subreddit. “It is alleged that she turned 18 years old in the title year 1883. Therefore, she was born in 1865 (probably 1864 if her birthday is later in the year…). It is established that James Dutton has been captured. Union forces (and Tom Hanks himself!) at the Battle of Antietam, which took place in September 1862, and then spent the rest of the war in a POW camp.” Frankly, either Elsa is under 18, or James is not her father, or someone screwed up by overlooking this Elsa detail.

While fans generally laughed at Elsa’s other details that didn’t make sense, this one had fans more divided, with some accusing Sheridan and the writers of doing a poor job of researching the POW camps of the era, while others argued that it was a mistake. happened because of Sheridan. stretched too thin between all his shows. U/SnowedInByEdward summed up by saying that Sheridan has “money and a legacy, but he needs to cool off a bit and get back to quality over quantity”. With Helen Mirren and Harrison Ford helming Sheridan’s next Yellowstone prequel, we hope Sheridan will heed that advice.

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