19 weird things that happened in teenage shows / movies

Like … are we going to talk about it?

Maybe I just have a low threshold for embarrassment, but there are certain things in teenage TV shows and films that I find so strange and challenging – and no one seems to talk about them.

Here are just a few of the things that bother me about teen shows and films:


On the One tree’s hill, when Julian wrote a TV show about his wife and her friends when they were in high school and then introduced himself as a character.


THIS IS SO WEIRD FOR ME. Especially since Julian really isn’t friends with the other characters and he dated Peyton – and now he’s just breaking into their teens ?? Very strange and hoarse.


V Dust, when all the adoptive siblings met each other:

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Like, okay, Jessica admits that once it was strange, but that was it. I feel like someone should have checked these kids. Carlisle is clearly encouraging some kind of weird domestic incest. Like, people think the kids grew up together ??


On the Buffy the vampire slayer when Spike literally created Buffy the robot to have sex with:


It is so creepy and weird, and it was completely covered up. It also went on for SO LONG.


On the jubilation, when Will rushes to The Rocky Horror Show:


Not only is Will a teacher, which makes it very odd for him to star in the play, he also poses as the love interest of the character played by the student. For example, he was supposed to perform “Touch-A-Touch-A-Touch Me” with Rachel. Completely inappropriate.


And further Riverdalewhen Betty’s mom performed in Carrie:


Couldn’t they find another student for the role of mom ?? It’s like the second main role. It was so strange that they chose a parent, not to mention the fact that she really wanted to do it.


V 13 Ongoing 30, when Jenna had a sleepover with a bunch of kids:

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Didn’t their parents think it was really weird when their kids came home and said, “Hey, this random 30-year-old guy in our house wants to invite a group of kids over for the night” ?? I just don’t understand how it happened.


On the Pretty little Liarswhen Ezra gave a whole farewell speech to his class and CLEARLY just talked to Aria:

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I can’t even watch this scene. He literally walks right up to Aria and at some point makes a gesture to her. I guarantee everyone in the class was aware of this moment.


And only the fact that they got married … especially IN THEIR CITY, literally in front of everyone:

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Sorry, but how did Ezra not go to jail ?? Everyone just watched the girl marry her teacher, whom she met as a minor !!


On the One tree’s hillwhen Brooke, Haley, and Quinn randomly disguised themselves as superheroes to help a girl who was being bullied:


This poor girl. It was so accidental. It’s even more embarrassing because Hayley was a teacher in that city … Imagine your old teacher showing up in a superhero costume when you’re being bullied. I feel like people will laugh at you more.


On the Gleewhen Finn kissed Emma (his former school psychologist) and then Will challenged him to a Backstreet Boys / NSYNC dance (during which they also physically fought?):


If I were Emma, ​​I would be so embarrassed about it that I literally would never speak to Will again. I feel like Will is constantly forgetting that he was their TEACHER and now an adult. I also love that after that he is so … yeah, I can never forgive you, so it was just like that. What’s the point, Will ???


V 10 things I don’t like about you when Kat read her poem to the class and cried:

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It’s not that bad, but it looks like the scene with Aria and Ezra that I mentioned. Like … don’t do this in front of the whole class. Imagine that you are doing your business in English and this is happening.


On the Pretty little Liars, when the Arias implanted Emily’s eggs:

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It was so wild. It just felt like some kind of bizarre conspiracy to get Emily and Eli to be together. Like, was E Amison Stan ??


V Scott Pilgrim against the whole worldWhen Scott, 22, was dating a high school student:

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It was so disgusting and creepy for me, and TBH just unnecessary. I feel like the plot wouldn’t really have changed if she just … wasn’t in high school.


V book store, when Miss Fine came to TEENAGERS ‘party and flirted with Theo:

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I know they tried to reconcile by saying Theo was 20, but it’s still creepy. Why did she even go out and have a drink with a bunch of her underage students ?? So strange.


On the The Vampire Diaries, when Stefan dated a replica of his ex:


This, frankly, is very creepy, as is the fact that he did not tell her, and she had to figure it out on her own.


And also when he stalked Elena for literally months after meeting her, and then decided to return to high school to be by her side:


Also creepy. Also, what self-respecting 100-year-old vampire will be returning to high school ??


V Film by Lizzie McGuire, when Pablo was dating Lizzie, a high school student:


Lizzie has literally just graduated from SECONDARY school and is starting to date an international pop star who looks at least 20. I know they never give his age, but for me it’s still very strange and a little creepy.


On the Riverdalewhen Veronica insisted that she and Jughead kiss to actually get revenge on Archie and Betty for kissing:


It just wasn’t right to look at, and Jughead, using the names of their ships, cringed a lot. Also, the way they do it is really awkward. Archie is clearly unhappy, and it seems that Veronica is purposefully trying to inconvenience him. It also looks like it was something that she and Jughead had planned earlier because they just really wanted to kiss. They also wait until Betty is clearly drunk to do so. Everything is very schematic.


V high school musical, when Ryan and Sharpay have played against each other in musicals throughout their lives, often playing love interests despite being siblings:

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For example, were they supposed to kiss for games and stuff? So rude.

What other creepy, unpleasant, or embarrassing things have always confused you from teen TV shows and movies? Let us know in the comments!

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