20 little-known details about Taylor Swift and Harry Styles relationship

Whether we like it or not, celebrity relationships fascinate us. Millions of people across the planet have a love life with high and low moments, and yet there is something about the relationship between the two celebrities that is hard to ignore. This explains why so many people around the world have stopped what they were doing back in late 2012 and turned their attention to a certain American pop star and rising British pop singer.

We’re talking (of course!) About Taylor Swift and Harry Styles!

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Whether you support Haylor or not, the relationship has definitely made an impact. Taylor and Harry only lasted a few months, but during that time they seemed to be very passionate about each other. With their many tours, trips and star-studded parties, it’s easy to say that they’ve gone through far more together in these few months than many people have in their entire lives.

It took Taylor or Harry years to share their experiences, and we still learn something about their life together now, seven years later.

Updated by Leo Morgenstern on January 11, 2022: In 2021, Taylor Swift and Harry Styles attended the 63rd Annual Grammy Awards, where Swift won a Grammy for Album of the Year and Styles for Best Pop Solo Performance. The two stars were seen chatting to each other at the ceremony, and fans were thrilled to see the two singers interact so many years after breaking up. Both Swift and Stiles are now happily dating other people: Taylor Swift has been dating actor Joe Alvin since they met in 2016, and Harry Styles has been dating actress and director Olivia Wilde since starring in her film. Don’t worry dear – and it seems like the two pop stars are now on friendly terms with each other.

twenty Harry Styles and Taylor Swift called their relationship a “learning experience.”

Even though their time together was short, it seems to have been remembered by both parties. Four years after their split, Harry Styles revealed Rolling stone, in an interview that the relationship was both a “difficult” and “didactic” experience… Taylor Swift seems to agree as she expressed the same feelings in Billboard interview in 2017.


nineteen Taylor Swift’s lyrics reveal how she really felt

As with most of her past relationships, Taylor wrote a couple of songs about her time with Harry. While she seems to have written several songs about Styles, one of them really stands out.

Swift said Rolling stone that the song “Out of the Woods” on her album 1989 year was inspired by a relationship in which “every day was a struggle. Forget about plans for life. We were just trying to make it to next week. “

eighteen Harry Styles and Taylor Swift have made many trips together

Despite the fact that their relationship only lasted a few months, they were spotted together on many vacations and business trips. From various locations across the UK and New York to Los Angeles, Utah, the Caribbean and many places in between, the couple practically toured the world side by side.

17 Harry Styles and Taylor Swift have a snowmobile accident together

Taylor’s song “Out of the Woods” also hints that they had an accident together, which later turned out to be in real life: “Remember when you hit the brakes too early. Twenty stitches in a hospital ward, ”the song says.

These stitches did indeed form as a result of a snowmobile accident they suffered while skiing in Utah. Harry suffered more damage than Taylor and needed stitches.

sixteen Harry Styles predicted what songs Taylor Swift would write about him

A few months after breaking up with Taylor, Harry Styles gave an interview Us weekly… When asked about the failed relationship, he actually predicted that Taylor would write a song about him. However, he also said that it would be “disingenuous” to try to stop her as musicians tend to write what they know.

15 Harry Styles also wrote a song about Taylor Swift

It’s not often that Taylor Swift’s ex-partners write their own songs about their relationship with her, but Harry Styles did just that. “Two Ghosts”, released on his debut solo album after Taylor’s songs, is said to be dedicated to Taylor. Many fans also believe that his song “Ever Starting in New York” is also about her.

14 Harry Styles was confused by their quick breakup

Perez Hilton first broke the news of the breakup in January 2013. Hilton also cited a source allegedly close to Harry Styles who said the singer had been warned about the relationship for a while … in fact, from the beginning. … As a result, he felt “a little silly” that it ended after just a few months.

thirteen Harry Styles and Taylor Swift were introduced by Ed Sheeran

In accordance with Rolling stoneTaylor Swift and Harry Styles were first introduced to each other through their mutual friend, co-star and singer / songwriter Ed Sheeran. The two are reportedly still friends with Sheeran.

It doesn’t look like Sheeran has played matchmaker yet again.

12 Harry Styles was only 18 when they dated

Although Taylor was in her 20s when she was with Harry, it may shock some fans that Harry was only 18 years old! However, the couple allegedly first met after Harry’s birthday, so he technically never knew the singer while he was underage.

eleven Taylor Swift hasn’t dated in a while since their breakup

When they broke up in early 2013, Taylor openly stated her desire not to date anyone for a while afterward. And it turns out she got the job done. According to Taylor Swift’s detailed relationship timeline posted by Billboard, the singer didn’t date anyone until Calvin Harris in 2015.

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10 Taylor Swift’s longest relationship begins right after Harry Styles

Interestingly, the same timeline shows that all nine of Taylor Swift’s relationships before Harry (including Harry) only lasted a few months (if anything). However, Swift’s first relationship after Harry (with Calvin Harris) lasted over a year, from February 2015 to June 2016. She is currently in a surprisingly personal relationship with actor Joe Alvin, which has been going on since 2016.

9 Harry Styles had an equally complete relationship history

Taylor Swift has been praised by many people over the years for her many boyfriends and often short relationships. However, Harry Styles has a similar personal life. According to the schedule of his relationship in SeventeenHe had several relationships before Taylor, which also only lasted a few months. Most of his relationships have since ended as well, including his ongoing relationship with Kendall Jenner. His one-year relationship with Olivia Wilde may be the longest to date.

eight Harry Styles rebound was Nicole Scherzinger

For anyone who raises an eyebrow that Taylor is older than Harry, this is nothing compared to whoever he dated in the months following their breakup. His restorative relationship was with former Pussycat Dolls lead singer Nicole Scherzinger, who was 35 at the time, compared to Harry, who was not yet 20.

7 Gigi Hadid may have been dismissive of Harry Styles due to her breakup

Model Gigi Hadid is known to be a good friend of Taylor and is also close to another ex-Harry Styles, Kendall Jenner. At the time, some people believed this was why she seemed to reject and ignore him when the two attended the 2015 American Music Awards. However, the truth may be that she ignored Stiles because she just started dating his ex. – bandmate Zane Malik, and perhaps there was some kind of hostile relationship between Harry and Zane at the time.

6 Harry Styles decided to release his latest album on Taylor Swift’s birthday

When Harry’s second studio album came out, A fine linewas first announced, most people did not grasp the meaning of the release date. It was due out on December 13th (it’s Taylor Swift’s birthday … more importantly, her 30th birthday). Considering the couple dated in December 2012, it’s safe to say her birthday is within Harry’s knowledge.

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5 Harry Styles gave Taylor Swift cupcakes for her birthday

It turns out that Harry knew exactly when Taylor’s birthday was because he gave her custom cupcakes from a bakery in Warrington, England. According to Daily mail, he gifted her 23 uniquely designed cupcakes for her 23rd birthday. How cute!

4 Taylor Swift gives Harry Styles an even smarter birthday present

For Harry’s own birthday in February, Taylor gave him a gift of his own. Only she had a little more thought put into it. Knowing that Harry had a tattoo of lyrics from Australian band The Temper Trap, Taylor asked the band’s drummer if he could do a handwritten version just for Harry.

Most reports say the couple broke up before she could give him the gift, and it’s unclear if he received it at all.

3 Taylor Swift secretly knew Harry Styles’ tattoo was written incorrectly

Speaking of the lyrics of the song Taylor wrote for Harry, it turns out that the version of Harry’s tattoo is wrong. According to UK data Daily star, he never realized they were wrong until Taylor pointed it out. Even then, he didn’t believe her until she approached the band members at the ARIA Awards in November 2012. After that, he vowed to Taylor to keep a secret!

2 Harry Styles and Taylor Swift shared a necklace

Harry and Taylor have been spotted on different occasions wearing the same paper airplane necklace on several occasions. In fact, this is one of KristenBellTattoos.com that made people think they were dating at all. Based on Taylor’s lyrics and a lot of photo evidence, the necklace actually belongs to Harry.

one Harry Styles loves Taylor Swift’s music immensely

They may no longer be a subject, but that doesn’t mean they can’t appreciate each other’s work. During the concert in 2018, Harry even sang an excerpt from Taylor’s lyrics to the song “22” for his audience. Now that a lot of time has passed, it seems that they have grown and there are no hard feelings!

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