20 reasons Kelly is the best character on ‘Insecure’

HBO Unreliable was a cultural phenomenon, but only one character was the best embodiment of the lover, boyfriend, and friend we aspired to be.

Now the last season of HBO Unreliable came to an end, I must find every opportunity to remember the black perfection that this cultural phenomenon was.

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Unreliable was the perfect love letter to South Los Angeles, and while all the characters were flawlessly handpicked, few could outshine the extraordinary Natasha Rothwell with her many hyphens.

Rothwell’s character Kelly Prenny is the funniest creature on the screen. Like the stars of the show, my millennial life has always been a mess, but Kelly’s crude humor and beauty was the therapy I needed to get myself in order. I think we can learn from her best moments.

Obviously there is SPOILER… If you haven’t watched the show, what are you waiting for?


Kelly showed me what a true LGBT ally looks like.

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When all her friends made a fuss about the guy being bisexual, Kelly didn’t have it. She gave us the best example of how to stop playing games with human lives and advocate for queer people when it matters most. Set an example, Kelly.


She was a complete ass, supportive friend from day one.

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Her friends fought for her careers, but Kelly did not try to find the time and money to support them. Of course, she needs a few days before Issa can cash the check, but the main thing is the thought and the amount.


Miss Prenny was pure comedy in her most awkward moments.

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When tension poisons the energy in a room, she always finds the right moment to insert some absurd humor that will make you forget about unnecessary drama.


She taught me to live in the present.

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Party every day like it’s Kelly’s birthday. She went further than just blowing out the candles and got everyone in her company to play We Said, a game in which they can’t refuse a single offer. This is how you live life to the fullest.


Kelly said, “I’m not expecting handouts.”

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As an accountant, she frivolously joked about receiving reparations for her people, denying money to wealthy white men, and this gave restrained illegal but cult activity. She is Robin Hood, all of you.


There, at that time, she praised the growth of her friend.

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Kelly created a meme that brightened everyone’s rethinking phase and prepared me for my 11th and hopefully final attempt to mend my life. This is a journey, not a destination. It’s simple Lord of the Rings, go on a world journey.


She did it disgustingly in the middle of the restaurant.

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Everyone is too worried about what the next person is doing. Not Kelly. She got it completely at the dining table in the middle of the restaurant without shame. I can hardly speak in large groups because of my nerves. How do I get to this level?


She almost ran the entire marathon one day.


At the peak of her transformation phase, she almost finished the marathon. Unfortunately, the “red wedding” incapacitated her and returned her to normal. However, she remained positive and I appreciate her dedication to the situation. She put everything into this race.


She smashed it neatly to get my finances in order.

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All of us Issa have lived with either massive debt, unbridled anxiety, or a ludicrous misconception about what a savings account really should look like. Kelly informed us that we were broke, and I accepted this reading from the bottom of my heart.


Kelly reminded me that timing is everything.

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She taught me that even if I plan ahead, life will always throw sound onto the piece and leave me completely confused, wondering if I should have waited to take this edible in the first place. Now I sit here and look like a fool because I couldn’t wait. Patience is a virtue.


She wet herself, she was shocked, she tried to get to Beyoncé.

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Nothing could stop Kelly from achieving her goal – to see BeyoncĂ© at the Coachella festival. Not a bunch of ragged festival kids or 50,000 volts from a stun gun. Yes, she pissed, but I see it as a reminder of the struggle that must be gone through to be successful.


Kelly leaves nothing to say.

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When it seemed to her that she recognized an old love at the Hollywood Forever cemetery, she immediately summoned him in front of everyone. This resulted in a few seconds of embarrassment, followed by a flaming fire and a fun night out for everyone. Be honest.


No one stood a chance against her perfect Halloween outfit.

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Kelly’s outfits serve relentlessly: “I’m corporate but sweet.” Halloween was a game changer when she donned the iconic Halle Berry from B * A * P * S * seamlessly. Forget what you heard. Kelly knows when she’s the main character.


She went into business for the underprivileged.


After many years of working for the “man”, Kelly took a huge step and went into business for herself and people like her. She first laid the foundation for this journey and later served her community. This is how you level up.


She fought to become the godmother of her best friend’s child.

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Our friends grow up and we part ways, but Kelly struggled to stay a part of her best friend’s life even before the baby was born. The end result was that she became a godmother and strengthened her friendship and dislike of children. We must make sacrifices.


She was ready to take one for the team.


Once again, being the most supportive person in the group, Kelly, the impromptu bartender, was prepared for any indecent offer to help her friends succeed. If your friendship can’t support me like this, then I don’t want to.


I can’t believe she was pretending to have a British accent to flirt with Amine.

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What we do to impress hot people. Kelly pretended to have a British accent all night just to meet a random hottie named Darnell (Amine). The dude wasn’t that smart, so it might not have required all of this, but I give her credit for doing international code switching flawlessly.


She asked hard-hitting questions to her friends.


Kelly spearheaded the attack, asking tough questions for herself and her closest friends. I need such a dialogue in my life. Imagine how much progress I could have made if I worked as hard on the conversation as Kelly did?


She conquered her fears and became a mother.


In the beginning, Kelly was not here for children. So much so that she hardly wanted her friend to have a child. But she took the moment to practice what she was preaching and felt the growth of her character and womb.


She “died” at a college alumni meeting.

HBO / Issa Rae Productions

The little confusion at the college reunion saw Kelly’s “death” before her own eyes, and from a new perspective, she was able to reevaluate her entire existence in the world. I need such a rebirth to put all my difficulties and insecurities in order.

If you still didn’t realize how amazing Natasha Rothwell was as Kelly Prenny, I forgive you. But, now we have all the examples and no excuses to do better, to be better.

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