20 Star Wars Characters Who Need a Disney + Series!

With Boba Fett’s Book, Andor, Ahsoka, and Obi-Wan on the way to Disney + these star Wars The characters should also see their adventures continue on the tape.



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Laugh as much as you like, but admit it would be great to see a previewNew Hope the adventures of Greedo, an intergalactic bounty hunter whose dedication to Intimidation costs his life. Defined by its menace and lack of foresight, the Greedo series acting like a totally barking, break-even anti-Mandalorian could be quite fun and unique.


Lando Calrissian

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Of the many highlights in Solo: A Star Wars StoryDonald Glover’s take on the young Lando Calrissian was undoubtedly the highlight of the film. Glover remains committed to his FX series though. Atlanta, a limited-edition event celebrating Lando’s long-running adventures prior to his arrival in Cloud City, could easily be the most anticipated show on the streaming platform.


Wedge Antilles

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A Corellian rebel pilot who became a fan favorite in the original. star Wars trilogy, Wedge Antilles has since become one of the most important figures in supporting materials for the franchise, including books, graphic novels and even Star Wars Rebels row. With renewed interest in the character after his cameo in Rise of Skywalker and possible appearance in Rogue Squadron, a Top GunAn emotional take on Rebel Alliance pilots can be a fantastic alternative to the grander, more epic stories taking place everywhere. star Wars canon.


Migs Mayfeld

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Unsurprisingly, Bill Burr stole the show on both episodes of the series. Mandalorian while giving the character an unexpected pathos, recalling his traumatic experience with the Imperial Army in his last appearance. Now that Mayfeld is free to roam star Wars The universe, new adventures in the seedy seamy side of the galaxy with a gloomy sniper and a former gang leader would be absolutely welcome.



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Now I know what you’re thinking: what would a Chewbacca series look like? Although his adventures will be mostly without Hunter, unless Alden Ehrenreich is tempted by some return, Chewbacca a series of anthologies covering his pre-Solo and post-Sky Walker adventures can be quite fun, especially considering what has been done in the television space with unconventional verbal characters such as Primitive and Hawkeye


Mace Windu

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While it might be too late to look for a Mace Windu-centric Samuel L. Jackson-centric series despite the power of digital technology to reduce aging, that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be unimportant to see the adventures of a younger man. Mace Windu kicks ass all over the galaxy at Disney +.


Galen Marek / “Starkiller”

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Darth Vader’s dubious canon secret disciple in the illustrious Force unleashed video games, Galen Marek (based on and performed by actor Sam Whitver) is a character of many star Wars fans were hoping to somehow see a live action film adaptation. With Disney +, immerse yourself in a world of alternative canons such as What if…?maybe it’s time to see Marek make his debut in star Wars the universe itself.


Dash Rendar

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For the 90s star Wars nerds, Dash Rendar is a name that carries a lot of emotional weight, as a tough, bullshit-free mercenary weapon was the protagonist of the popular Shadows of the Empire as well as myriads Legends publications. With its recent appearance on the main star Wars canon in Solo mortise magazine Tales from VandorRendar could be the next anti-hero in the Disney + franchise.


Enfys Nest

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With Erin Kelliman’s appearance in Falcon and the Winter Soldier after turning it SoloEnfys Nest must have impressed the Walt Disney company, especially since she was presented as a force to be reckoned with in the aforementioned film. Although additional Solo movies may not go well, Disney + series about Nest and her roving gang of pirate vigilantes could be addictive Hook– stylish spin-off to the wilder side star Wars Universe.


Ray Skywalker

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It is not controversial to say that Rise of Skywalker was a controversial film in star Wars canon, ultimately disappointing many fans by disrupting the travels of new characters introduced in Force awakens and The last Jedi… However, as Mark Hamill and Temuera Morrison reprise their iconic roles on the Disney + series, it’s not entirely insane to imagine the streamer offering Daisy Ridley the chance to give Rey a better farewell.


Wicket W. Warrick

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Although they did not receive the same love as the Skywalker saga, Caravan of Courage and Ewoks: Battle for Endor were noted as a solid child-friendly rate in star Wars franchise. If Disney + decides to return to Endor for streaming, it would be very interesting to return to Wicket W. Warrick and his son Pommet as they browse the post-First order schedule with great attention to some natural environmental threats.


Zori Bliss

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star Wars fans were pretty much torn apart Star Wars Episode IX: Rise of Skywalkerbut aside from the appearance of Babu Frick, the appearance of Zori Bliss is widely regarded as one of the film’s highlights. An enigmatic and criminal figure from Poe Dameron’s past, Bliss’s future seems almost as mysterious as her origins, which could be a boon for Lucasfilm should they choose to explore any of them through Disney +.


Hondo ohnaka

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Another fan favorite in extended star Wars a universe whose legacy in the main canon was anchored through the Smugglers Run on Star Wars: Galaxy’s EdgeHondo Ohnaka has a rich backstory and a definite personality from his previous animated performances, all of which can be used for future live images.


Ezra Bridger

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Street co-host Star Wars RebelsEzra Bridger’s last comment about the show was ambiguous. With Ahsoka Following the release of Disney + in 2023, also written by Dave Filoni, there is a very tangible possibility that there will be a live image of Bridger. With enough momentum behind the streak, a spin-off focused on Bridger and his notable contribution to star Wars The universe is quite possible.


Cobb Want

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Flawlessly charming in her star Wars debut, Timothy Olyphant made an exceptional impression when he brought this Consequences the character to life, earning an Emmy nomination as a result. Want, though, is likely to remain in the scoundrel gallery that intertwines with Dean Jarin’s story. Mandalorian, there is something ultimately lovable about the idea of ​​Want’s solo series, akin to the galactic Deadwood or star Wars equivalent Briscoe County, Jr.


Qui-Gon Jinn

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While Liam Neeson’s return would be an anachronistic and rather implausible solution with the same mystery as Mace Windu earlier on this list, a series on Qui-Gon Jinn’s origins could do a lot in terms of fleshing out pre-Skywalker periods. star Wars Universe. Aside from this incentive, the fact that Qui-Gon was trained by the villain from the prequel trilogy, Count Dooku, may provide more insight into this character’s possible turn to the dark side.


Captain Phasma

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Captain Phasma, a character that the sequel’s trilogy couldn’t contain, remains one of the biggest missed opportunities in star Wars franchise. Although it has been confirmed that the character is dead after The last JediDisney + could delve into Captain Phasma’s history as she ambitiously ascends through the First Order, revealing her identity beyond the “low-level authoritative villain.”


Chirrut Amwe

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So the opportunity to bring Donnie Yen back to star Wars The universe is really thin, but it would definitely be amazing. Even if it was limited participation, additional, preliminaryRogue One tales of Chirrut Amwe would immediately broadcast the encounters for many fans of this staff-armed and ass-kicking hero.


Bo-Katan Kryz

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Another graduate of canonical star Wars In the animated universe, Bo-Katan Kryze and her group of Mandalorian compatriots immediately rocked the Internet with their appearance on Mandalorian… Thanks to widespread praise for Sackhoff’s performance and rallying her fans for the character’s solo play, perhaps a Kryze-centric series can fill the void left by the now-discontinued spin-off Cara Dune. Rangers of the New Republic


Darth Maul

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One of the most iconic star Wars ever characters, and, for some, a brilliant redemption for the shortcomings of the prequel trilogy, Darth Maul had to return to live action star Wars franchise Solo: A Star Wars Story… However, after controversy surrounding actor Ray Park and an unimpressive box office Solo, the character’s future remains uncertain. However, Darth Maul’s adventures can continue with or without Park, especially if Disney + is looking to grow its subscriber base by showcasing the Sith villain and his Crimson Dawn syndicate.

Which the star Wars a character you would like to see on their own Disney + series? Let us know in the comments below!

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