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Ariana DeBose was in the house, but tonight’s Emmy wasn’t a Tony.

It’s not that the 74th Emmy Awards were lousy; they certainly weren’t. Yet devoid of the real glamor of the big show on Broadway in June and the seemingly inexhaustible exuberance of Oscar-winning host Deboz, Kenan Thompson’s Monday show made the small screen feel a little smaller for lack of real ambition. .

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Already diminished after NBC moved the ceremony to Monday (again) this year to keep the high-stakes opening of the season. Sunday Night Football on schedule, the bumpy 2022 Emmys never found their own unique voice or foundation, to put it bluntly.

Let’s be clear: avoiding the glaring setbacks that have baffled the Oscars and other award ceremonies of late, today’s ceremony was perfectly acceptable. Perhaps it’s the tone of the times we’re living in, where every day wears down so many of us, that made the 2022 Emmys choose stability as their guiding star. Unfortunately, when moving to the middle of the road, the result just lacked exclusivity, which is a missed opportunity with the quality of talent in the room.

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Having said that, Sheryl Lee Ralph’s heartbreaking song and speech for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series certainly set a new standard for quality and award-winning passion across the board. Putting most of abbot elementary the actress’s screams in the bottom third of the screen and others may not be to everyone’s taste, but as a way to save time and appease the ego, it was an inspired move by producers Reginald Hudlin, Ian Stewart and Jan Neal. Why it wasn’t applied uniformly is a mystery that set off ad hoc taint.

Big Wins by Quinta Brunson abbot elementary, drowsinessMichael Keaton, HBO White Lotus as well as Continuity, AppleTV+ Ted LassoNetflix squid game as well as OzarkJulia Garner, now two-time Zendaya winner, Lizzo, KhakiJean Smart, dropoutAmanda Seyfried and Jarrod Carmichael were the mixture of surprise, anticipation and encore that any awards show hopes for. However, back in full personal form for the first time since 2019, despite all the fluid moves, the Emmys tonight spent way too much time tripping over their own feet.

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The top-hatted Thompson and self-proclaimed “mayor of television” began the show by walking through the crowd, sarcastically praising the medium as “the greatest invention in the history of mankind.” Saturday night life The veterinarian also lashed out at commission agents and lamented in vain over the lack of literature consumed by his fellow tragedians. Then a musical number began with a musical theme from television themes, and somewhere between Friends, The Brady Bandlast season very strange things as well as Game of Thrones — and Thompson’s dressing up in subtle costumes — the show stumbled.

What exactly were the 2022 Emmys trying to be? Because by striving to be everything to everyone, you spread yourself too thin and end up catering to a few, as many Oscars, Grammys and past Emmy shows have shown.

Now full credit to returning producers Hudlin, Stewart and newcomer Neal for bringing Oprah on as the first host and for once again trying to break down physical barriers with stages and tables set up throughout Microsoft’s LA theater. Despite all these targets, there were shots that didn’t hit the board at all. Case in point: you can take all the digging in the Netflix chests and place Showtime on the watch face you want, but burying an opening monologue by any other name deep into the first part of a rowdy party turns off almost all the heat and most of the attention. .

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Part of the overarching dilemma facing the production is that – just like in 2018 when NBC had its Emmy Awards – tonight SNL actor hosting. The other part of the count tonight was that there was only one SNL actor hosting.

Past Emmy winner for his SNL work and 2021 nominee for his already canceled sitcom Kenan, borderline national treasure Thompson is a typical team player, not a leading man. To use his strengths, he needed a rapier.

Of course, NBC is going to put one of their own scenes in the spotlight when it comes time for them to host the Emmys, and of course, finding someone to host any show is currently a difficult task. . So with all that in mind, when a guy SNLBowen Young appeared on stage with Thompson to mock Will Smith’s infamous live slap on Chris Rock at the Oscars a bit. If only a little more imagination had been applied.

But maybe that’s for another day.

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There have been some not-so-quiet rumors from NBC insiders all week that they expect ratings and viewership to decline at tonight’s Emmy Awards. For a network still weighing whether to get back to work with a limping Golden Globes next year, today’s Emmy results could be a barometer of sorts. Of course, NBC will have to wait another four years before it gets loaded with the Emmys again, and who knows if the ceremony will be bought by a streamer by 2026 or moved permanently to an environment where it doesn’t meet football. If the Big Four’s rotation stays the same, tonight could be a tipping point as NBC searches its soul to see if there’s deeper investment in awards going forward.

Part of that consideration should be a general decline in the attractiveness of award ceremonies. Specifically for today’s show, there is also Monday, and there is the fact that the opening of the season On ABC and ESPN, there was an uphill battle in the NFL between the hometown of the Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos national team, against whom former Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson came out for the first time today. Besides this, there is an irrefutable fact that, with the exception of the sublime ABC abbot elementarythis year, networks don’t stand a chance when it comes to major categories.

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As one wise man told me today, “NBC is basically stuck running three-hour ads for HBO and Netflix.” Add a spoonful of Hulu and you’ve got the main product groups on a modern small screen.

With all these competing contexts, it would be unfair to suggest that the network and the producers of today’s Emmy Awards have chosen to set a softening marker. Hoping to understate promises and thus do more, his goal seems to be to put on a decent three-hour show rather than put on an extravaganza.

The 2022 Emmys partially won this award.

Fair enough, but not very fun.

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