2022 Law & Order crossover finally shows fans an invisible part of Cosgrove’s character

We meet Detective Cosgrove’s daughter, Lily, in the second scene of the night. Before the crossover, we only knew that Cosgrove had a wife and children, but never saw them or knew their names. We learn that Lily is 15 years old and begging her father to allow her to be home schooled. She says she is afraid to go to school because of the growing number of shootings. Cosgrove tells Lily that she can’t drop out of school and that the chances of that happening to her are low. She is unhappy with his decision, but their conversation is interrupted when a distressed girl runs past.

Fans were so excited to see a different side of Cosgrove and took to Twitter to express their delight. “Jeffrey Donovan’s Cosgrove developed more characters in 15 minutes than he did in all of last season.” @WilsonFrontier tweeted. We’ve seen so little about Cosgrove’s personal life in season 21 that the news that he has a daughter shocked some viewers. “Cosgrove has a baby?!” @fillismugg asked in surprise.

The crossover quickly moved from a Cosgrove family dinner to the death of a teenage girl. We hope to dive deeper into the character later in Law & Order Season 22.

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