2022 primetime Emmy snubs are part of a frustrating pattern

There will be neglect; it’s just a fact. Everyone’s favorite actor or actress can’t win in their category, and there are no trophies for second or third place. But sometimes the outrage around insults is justified. Perhaps the biggest snub for the 2022 Emmys was Rhea Seehorn and her loss of the Outstanding Supporting Actress nomination in the Drama Series category. That honor goes to Julia Garner for Ozark, who has already won in that category, and repeat wins are a popular Emmy trend you’ll see.

After Seehorn’s defeat, a mass protest erupted on social media. “Better Call Saul” now 46 Emmy nominations with no wins. It’s amazing how a Breaking Bad spin-off can go so long without a win. Seehorn may have had the best performance among the category nominees, so why she lost is up to interpretation. The actress will likely be nominated again next year, as Better Call Saul will still qualify, but Garner’s Ozark is done. It looks like she may have been given the go-ahead since her character retired and Seehorn passed away in 2022 because she could earn it next year.

Emmy The awards are selected by the members of the Television Academy, which consists of 17,000 voting members, all of whom come from the industry. These participants are then split into 30 peer groups who vote on the categories and nominees in said group. You have to wonder if the favorites are playing behind closed doors, especially with respect to studios and streaming platforms. Better Call Saul is likely to have fewer Academy members because AMC is a significantly smaller cable network than, say, Netflix or HBO, which have far more members. Every vote certainly counts.

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